Champagne For Every Occasion

Champagne For Every Occasion

Champagnes, some of the world’s most elegant beverages, have the powers to be combined with virtually all foods and all occasions. However, there are those foods that go better with champagnes than others, “typically, lighter foods go better with champagne than heavy foods such as red meats and sugary desserts” (Nusser). The following is a list of foods and beverages that, when combined with certain champagnes, can create an almost uncanny feeling of deliciousness inside the mouth.

Full bodied champagnes go well with hard cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda, and Parmesan. Where on the flip side, light bodied champagnes pair well with soft cheeses like goat cheese and brie. So, the next time you decide to throw a get-together, think about the types of cheese hors d’oeuvres you plan on having and coordinate the champagne with that decision.

When it comes to fruits, berries top the list because they lend a sweetness that can aid the flavor of light champagnes. Stone fruits, such as plums and peaches, also complement light-bodied champagnes. And, like with cheeses, certain fruits can be a delicacy for appetizers for parties, so think about these different pairings when choosing the first round of your great hors d’oeuvres.

When deciding on sushi for a delicious entrée, always go with the unmatchable tastes of extra dry champagnes. “Sushi and champagne are equally elegant, making sushi a great food to pair with Champagne” (Nusser).

There are certain common snacks that are not generally well known to go with champagnes. Potato chips, popcorn, and crackers go well with Brut Champagnes because of the high acidity in the champagne that can add a new level of flavor; another round of good party flavors that can be considered.

One of the best pairings of food and champagne are Eggs Benedict. Not commonly a clear “fish or chicken” decision, but keep this in the back of the mind when deciding on what might be a good pairing for guests on any occasion. “The bubbles of the Champagne gently lift the fats from the tongue, enhancing the flavor of both the Eggs Benedict and the Champagne. Add some smoked salmon to your plate and your palate will explode with flavor” (Nusser).

The bubbly, sparkling wines, Champagne – cheese, fruits, sushi – black tie affair, wedding, ravenous party – when these things come together the mouth, heart, and brain alike send exciting neurons throughout the body that stimulates the senses. Indulge yourself; indulge with others.

Tanya Nusser