How To Manage Wine Inventory

How To Manage Wine Inventory

The eSommelier wine management system is the ultimate addition to a wine cellar for the serious wine collector.  Utilizing a touch-screen interface and barcode scanner, keeping track of your investment has never been easier.  You can quickly see what wines you have, where they are located and when you should be drinking them.  No more searching for the right bottle for that special occasion.  All of the information that you need is at your fingetips.

In a review with Robb Report, Jessica Taylor states that the system is “intuitively designed….with the touch of a button, eSommelier can keep you up-to-date on your wine cellar inventory, evaluate the total value of your collection, and remind you where you stored a specific bottle.”

Keeping track of you date sensitive wine has never been easier.  More than just software, eSommelier allows access to your wine collection from your iPhone or any internet browser, and was designed for those who do not have the time to update an ever-changing spreadsheet of program.

Other features include pricing on demand, tasting notes, up-to-date pricing and valuation of your collection, and auto-assisted data entry.  In addition, the system is designed for integration into your home automation system and can support multiple cellars as well.

Utilizing a touch screen and bar code scanner.  Simply wave the bottle under the scanner and walk away knowing that eSommelier had updated your wine cellar inventory.  Temperature and humidity sensors are also available to give you the ultimate piece of mind.  Professional concierge serves as well where a professional wine consultant can to the manual labor of entering your current inventory.  

For hotels and restaurant owners, eSommelier offers its “Hospitality” program.  In 2008, systems were installed in restaurants throughout the country where the owners wanted to make the most out of their investment.  It allows the user to keep better track of inventory and orders as well as what customers are currently requesting.  Guest ordering can be added to allow guests to order directly from the privacy of their own room or via touchscreen.   The system can also be integrated with current POS and accounting software.

With individual systems priced at under $4000, don’t let another bottle of wine go bad.  For more information, visit today to take a tour or order online.