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The Perfect Vacation For Pet Owners

The Perfect Vacation For Pet Owners

The concept of a vacation is an occurrence that is usually a highly anticipated event, the opportunity to relax, travel and recreate as a family unit does not come along very often. The joy of a family vacation can be short-lived once the realization that the family pet may be a major obstacle to overcome in having a good, worry-free time, strikes the collective conscious. For most animal lovers, the thought of separating from their beloved pets even for one day can be troubling, and it is certain that separation anxiety as applied to pets has canceled more than one vacation before it ever got off the ground. The dilemma of what to do with pets while on vacation can be distressing, but with some sound prior planning the issue can be resolved, if not reduced in significance.

While it may not seem very practical, a truly perfect vacation for a pet owner involves taking their pet along in their journey. Since the travel industry in general is not known for it’s accommodating nature when it comes to animals, the responsibility falls on the pet owner to make inquiries into the possibility of having a pet with them on their trip. This would entail calling ahead to hotels and tourist locations to discover if animals are allowed, and what restrictions there are concerning their presence. Every aspect of the itinerary must be planned when taking your pet with you on vacation, and if there is a lack of proper planning there is certain to be an occasion of disappointment when it is discovered that entrance to a desired location is denied.

When it is feasible, if a pet owner can choose a destination near a family member or friend it may be possible to arrange one’s vacation schedule to include your pet’s presence. Plan to visit attractions where your pet is allowed first, and then ask your relative of friend if they can pet sit for a day so that you can visit locations that are not pet friendly. If this scenario is not practical, consider taking an outdoors vacation such as camping where your pet will enjoy the vacation as much if not more than you do. This can be done in either a tent or a rented camper or recreational vehicle, according to the preference of those vacationing.

The perfect vacation for pet owner is once in which they can include their best friend in their plans without any hassles, and still be able to enjoy the freedom of exploring new adventures. It takes effort, thought and planning, but the benefit far outweighs the energy required to make a few extra phone calls to accommodate a true and faithful friend.