101 Investing In Wine

101 Investing In Wine

Investing in wine can prove lucrative if you know what wines are a gem and how to locate them. You can sit on a bottle and when the time is ripe you can auction it off to the highest bidder. It won’t be hard to find a buyer. There are many auction sites on line such as Wine Commune. Decide what your budget will be. You may decide to start off with a bottle or two. If you select the right wine you can expect to make a hefty return – more than triple the price paid. The amazing part about investing in wine is you can use it as a short term investment or long term. Even with the unstable world economy, wine has not taken the same hits as other investments. Wine investment returns have done well in comparison to traditional investments. What wines are the best for investments? well first I can tell you never invest in a California wines. California wines are made for drinking and would never be an investment in the real wine market. If you have some money to invest, French wines are and I predict will continue to be a treasured investment. French wines are the largest produced and they range from your high end that are treasured to your everyday drinking wines that rarely leave the French Province. Red Bordeaux comes in at the top and then you have your Champagne, Rhone and also Italian wines. A prime example would be if you purchased a bottle of 1982 Lafite Rothschild Paullac. The bottle now could yield you anywhere from $1800.00, which would be a steal. 1997 Lafite Rothschild your could purchase presently for around $500.00, but it’s the vintage counts.

First start by taking a crash course in 101 Wines to invest. It’s learning how to build a impressive portfolio that can yield high returns. There are many places you can purchase your investment and also pay to store it until you are ready for it. Remember storing wine is not simple. There was a time when people had nature cellars where the wine could be shield from sunlight and kept in a damp place. Storing is crucial for the aging of the wine. You need to select a wine that will surely improve with age. Although there are many wines that are so exquisite that just the thought of owning them would be enough, however remember even the best bottle of wine will not last more than forty or fifty years. Wines such as these have surpassed the enjoyment of drinking but are still considered investments for the actual bottle and these wines would be too expensive to even contemplate purchasing as an investment for the average person.

So first consider if the wine will be stable over a period of time and what the period of maturity is for the wine. Search for reputable companies to purchase the wine from. A desirable portfolio would be stocked with Bordeaux; Lafite Rothschild, Latour, Margaux, Mouton Rothschild and a bottle of Petrus. Find out what the best vintages were for that prized bottle of wine. An example Lafite vintages 1982, 1990, 2000, 2003 and 2005. Excellent vintage years and each one would be an excellent investments over a period of time. Around now you could possibly fine the 2005, vintage for around $275 to $400.00. If you held on to that bottle for a some years you would make a much better return than having the money sitting in a bank. Now for building your portfolio, think in terms as buying one or two bottles over a period of time. Keep your eye open and stay alert for the vintage is what dictates the wine will have a high return. Also be cautious fraud is even a reality in the wine investment business.

Okay so now you tracked down your investment and you have it properly stored. Be certain it’s insured. Although you may be tempted to pop the cork and take a sip, remember it’s an investment, so take your hand away from the cookie jar until the time is right.