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A Guide To Haunted Bed And Breakfasts In The Us

A Guide To Haunted Bed And Breakfasts In The Us

If you do wish to stay at a haunted bed and breakfast, then you must do so at your own risk! Sometimes, there is an extra charge for this unworldly thrill and it is often at the expense of an earthbound soul, that roams tortured, captured in the moment of their untimely dispatch unto another plane!

Understanding the ghost, is definitely something for debate; But if one can imagine living an earthly day to day existence and then suddenly, having it snatched from you in a matter of several terrifying seconds; Then it is no wonder that the intentions and actions of an unsuspecting victim, should remain as an imprint in time and repeat itself, perpetually! After all, time only exists in the earthly planes, in which we reside!

There are hundreds of haunted bed and breakfasts in The United States and many boast this fact for their profit! Some are undeniably haunted and are not advertised as such! I have stayed in some that are, what I call, pleasantly haunted, where the ghost is not overbearing and troubled as much as other places that I am going to mention:

The Casa de la Paz Bed and Breakfast in Saint Augustine, Florida; Here, a young bride still waits for her husband to return from his fishing trip. When she learned of his demise, she lay pining upon her wedding bed until she died!

Then there’s the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, in Fall River, Massachusetts. There are six bedrooms available here, one of which is the very bedroom where Amy Borden was axed to death in 1892! There are some very strange occurrences reported at this establishment, such as body imprints on freshly made beds and a weird fog that appears in the parlor area.

If you would like to take part in a good murder mystery, then Thornewood Castle is exactly what you’re looking for! This very ominous looking building, sits boldly on Lake American in Lakewood, Washington State and is just a short drive from Seattle or Tacoma.

Parts of Thornewood Castle, date back to the early seventeenth century and it is believed that some it’s stained glass windows, date back even further. This magnificent piece of architecture, definitely has a very strong English feel about it and no wonder; It’s original structure was built in England, dismantled and transported to The United States, brick by brick and included within it’s building.

Thornewood castle is definitely a must! Not only is it steeped in history, but a number of guests have witnessed several inhabitants over the years, that time and gravity have no bearing to this world for them.

Another interesting place is Thayer’s Historic Bed and Breakfast, located in Annandale, Minnesota. The original owners of this charming establishment, calmly visit from time to time, leaving pennies for the present day staff. The only problem with this occurrence is, that the original owners died many years ago!

If you’d like to attend ghost hunting classes with an experienced psychic medium and interact with the resident ghosts of Thayer’s B and B, then go right ahead! There’s a whole package of unworldly delights, awaiting you at Thayer’s Bed and breakfast, including mystery dinners, psychic readings, visits to a local cemetery and much, much more! Perhaps you’d like to get married there?

What ever your fancy may be, be sure to book ahead of time; Otherwise, you may not stand a ghost of a chance of getting the room you want! Sweet dreams!