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A Guide To Self Catering Accommodations In Brittany France

A Guide To Self Catering Accommodations In Brittany France

If self catering is your preferred kind of accommodation, Brittany is rich in choice. The countryside offers the visitor a wealth of activities from walking, hiking, water-sports or leisurely taking the speed of life down a gear, Brittany offers so much to potential visitors. With meal times being much later in France than in neighboring UK, often parents find it hard to use traditional hotel accommodations and prefer self catering because of the freedom it gives them to feed the family when they want to, rather than adhere to rigid time schedules. It can also work out cheaper for families to gather together and share accommodations.

The typical rental of a “gite rurale” would mean that accommodation will include kitchen, living space, bedrooms and adequate bathroom facilities. There is typically an outside eating area, and some gites are well equipped with barbecue equipment and have adequate patio space for visitors. The problem comes when researching, as the glut of choice makes it a minefield of potential disaster. The main way to avoid this disaster is to look at large websites, such as Brittany Ferries, which affiliate with gites to offer all inclusive package deals. The advantage here is that the accommodation is checked to see if it adheres to company standards. Gites de France also have strict accommodation rules which home owners have to comply with and are a safe bet for those seeking self catering accommodation.

So what can a holiday-maker expect to pay as extras?

Most homes are fueled with gas from bottles, and some of the questions you have should include asking about any hidden extras for gas. If the bottles run out, you will be expected to take the bottle back to the supermarket or local garage and replace it with a full bottle. The water in the gites is usually of drinkable standard, though if you have particular dietary problems, you can buy bottled water relatively cheaply locally.

It is worthwhile checking with the owners of the gite if there are any extras. Some charge extra for linen or for the use of laundry facilities, and by checking before booking you can save yourself quite a bit of money. Other extras may be fold down beds for extra guests, cots and high chairs for small children.

Best areas for families

The self catering accommodation comes in various forms. From wooden chalet accommodation on the coast area of Brittany to independent apartments, there is a glut of choice. The best way to choose is to map out the things which are of interest to the family. Look also at the regions which offer good prices, since popular destinations on the coast will cost more, although may be within easy reach of less expensive accommodations.

An example of this is that you could expect to pay up to 700 Euros a week for a gite for four people at Perros Guirec on season, as opposed to 540 Euros for a wooden chalet in a holiday village, the village perhaps providing children with an ambiance where they can play in the evenings with other kids.

Inland, areas such as the Guerledan Lake should be considered as these are central to many activities for all of the family. Horse riding, water sports, cruises or simple picnics really come into their own in this area and it’s worthwhile checking out gite prices inland as well as on the coast since these areas offer good value for money and a lot of amenities within easy reach.

Best areas for couples without kids or single visitors

In Lannion, and major towns such as this, self catering takes on a new meaning. With Appart City this means that you can hire an apartment which gives minimal self catering equipment to each guest, allowing them to enjoy their free time and to relax, using the apartment as a base between visits to other places. Well equipped, central and clean, the apartments are a great option for those who want to get away from the hustle bustle of tourist activity at night. The great thing about these apartments is that they are within a driving distance of about 20 minutes from major ports on the Rose Granite Coastline, without demanding the same kind of price that coastal properties can.

Mobile homes

There is the possibility for people to hire static mobile homes in Brittany and certainly worth looking for are those which offer more than simply self catering accommodation. Many have other activities for children, though expect to pay extra for those which have. Water slides, swimming pools and all kinds of activities are offered, though the price you pay can be in excess of 700 Euros a week in season. The mobile home parks are trying to keep up with the competition and frequently offer WiFi Internet connection, Mini golf and outdoor activities such as go-carting. Be sure to check different regions to see which offer the best prices and facilities for the time of year being booked.

Overall the choice of self catering accommodation is vast. Websites give great detail, and it’s worthwhile putting in searches since many have used common keywords which are recognized by search engines, such as gites, self catering apartments and Mobil homes, specifying the area in which the search is to be made. The climate in the summer period is the best though the warmth goes on into early Autumn and starts as early as February, with a return to the colder weather in March and April.