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A Guide To The Best Hotels And Bbs In Gdansk Poland

A Guide To The Best Hotels And Bbs In Gdansk Poland

Gdansk is a large city and spread out along the coast. The historical center that has most interest to visitors is surrounded by outlying districts, commercial, industrial and residential, and to the north, the towns of Sopot and then Gdynia follow on with their own centers and attractions.

Gdansk didn’t use to be known for the quality of its hotels, but more recently, and especially in the last ten years or so the situation has much improved and nowadays Gdansk has a selection of accommodation for all budgets and has indeed acquired some excellent hotels in recent years, especially in the center of the Old Town.

 Many hotels in the old Gdansk centre are located in sensitively refurbished old buildings, either merchant houses like the Radisson Blu and Hanza or riverside warehouses like the excellent Qubus. The five-star boutique hotel Podewils is the best luxury option in the centre – if you can afford it – while possibly the best hotel in the whole of Gdansk, the 5-star Dwor Oliwski, is also a former manor house, but located in Old Oliwa near the beautiful cathedral with the world-famous organ and a tranquil park. It offers luxury accommodation and full compliment of facilities as well as an excellent restaurant.

Lower-priced options in the historic centre include Gotyk House and Villa Litarion. Offering perfect views, Krolewski is a refurbished granary away from the bustle but within walking distance of the Old Town. Scandic is a quality 4-star in a centrally located, modern building, while the Scandic, although rather unimpressive modern in look, provides good quality, reliable accommodation.

Overall, the best options for budget-conscious visitors can be found out of the very centre of the city and as transport links are plentiful, the distance should not be a problem. Villa Angela is only a couple of miles out of the centre and prized for its attentive service and good amenities, while Willa Sart is a good B&B in Oliwa.

You might also want to consider using some other location as your base and visiting Gdansk’s historical attractions during the day while staying outside the city. Stara Wedzarnia on the lovely Wyspa Sobieszewska is an exceptional B&B in a converted smokery several miles out of the city centre, and definitely worth trying if you have transport and are not terribly keen on staying out late each night. A good alternative for those keen on nightlife is Sopot. This smaller town located north of Gdansk is a resort and entertainment centre for the whole Tri-city conurbation and offers good choice of accommodation and a variety and quality of clubs and other night life that easily beats Gdansk and draws visitors from far afield.