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A Look At The Historic Birchwood Inn Lenox Mass

A Look At The Historic Birchwood Inn Lenox Mass

Berkshire, in the state of Massachusetts, is one of its most beautiful areas of natural scenery in the state, with activities for everyone throughout the year. Yet before you begin to explore the region you will need to find a base where you can relax and re-energise at the end of your journey, or at the end of a day of activity during your vacation. There is nowhere finer for this purpose than the historic Birchwood Inn, which you will find located in the small town of Lennox, MA.

Whatever the time of year or the weather, from the moment the door opens you will feel yourself enveloped in a warm welcome and friendly greeting at this family run bed and breakfast. Imagine if you can, stepping through the door into the 19th century interior, with a library lined with books covering all genres. Then it is off to rest for the night, and it is at this moment that the marvellous experience of staying in The Birchwood Inn really starts to blossom.

With a choice of ten rooms, two of which are located in the Carriage house in the grounds, your every whim will be pampered whichever is chosen. All tastefully decorated, with the antique and historic blending uniquely with modern, every room tells its own story. Each is named after one of the homes former owners during its 240 year history. For example the Egleston room, with its four poster bed, reminds you of the man who purchase the Inn in the early 1800’s and later become one of the area’s first senators. Soak yourself in the room’s history as the aroma from the freshly cut flowers lulls you effortlessly towards the twilight of the day.

If the sun, sprinkling its rays of sunshine through you window in the morning, does not wake you, the smell of freshly ground coffee and an enticing breakfast will surely do the trick. Homemade bread with fresh waffles and pancakes are bound to make you want to share the start of the day with the Inn’s other guests. Set for the day by partaking of this fare you could take off for one of the many adventures that surround this charming house, such as biking, hiking or walking in the local park simply admiring the fauna. No doubt, if you ask nicely, the Innkeeper will provide you with a freshly prepared luncheon treat as well.

Alternatively, you could spend some quiet time on the porch or lazing on the hammock with a book in your hand, watching as the changing hues of the sun and the sky painst the landscape with different colours as the hours pass. Even at night time, sitting out on the porch under the silvery moon will bring tranquillity into your heart In fact the only disturbance you might notice from time to time is the ghostly sound of a cat crying or the strange movement of items as Wagner makes his infrequent visits. However, even the ghosts seem to find friendship and warmth in this delightful setting and they mean you no harm, only wishing to share again the calm of this haven.

The Birchwood Inn is such a wonderful adventure for the guest, with its friendly welcome, history and occasional extra ghost, that it is no wonder one of the most frequent visitors returns often from the depths of Siberia. This is certainly the place to spoil yourself and your lover.