A Perfect Destination

A Perfect Destination

Discover the largest Greek island, Crete and the marvels of one of the smaller Cretan villages, Gouves and you need look no further for your perfect holiday destination.  The Cretan season extends from May to September with temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

Gouves lies about 15 minutes drive from Heraklion airport, the flight from the UK is approx 4 hours . The town is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of traveller at purpose built hotels and apartments with evening entertainment and play areas to more secluded, more personal surroundings of smaller apartment complexes.

Many nationalities travel to Gouves and herein lies the opportunity to acquaint yourself with many interesting people, make new friends and expand your personal horizons . Gouves has one main street to the east of the village, it runs from the beach front up to the main road at the top of the high street. At the top end lies the main bank and cash point.

Gouves boasts beautiful beaches and many tavernas and restaurants. The main street of shops is one street that is lined with many souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, internet cafes and local supplies i.e. chemist, ironmongers, cake shops, car rental and exchanges. At the bottom of the high street there is a supermarket for those opting for self catering. Bars and restaurants, usually display a menu at their entrance, with pictures of the dishes on offer. The menus will be in English and in Greek. Dining areas are available both inside and out, enjoy alfresco watching the world and its tourists go by !

The Rainbow Bar is one of the best places to eat, the cuisine is excellent and customer service second to none. Visit Gouves and eating at The Rainbow is essential ! It is situated on the main road of Gouves, between Hersonissos and Heraklion. Walking from there it takes 5 minutes to walk to the beach, this walk can sometimes take hours if you stop for a drink in the bars and restaurants on the way down ! A necessary itinerary in the Cretan heat ! At the bottom of the road, situated almost on the beach front is another line of several bars, the last being Andreas. This is a bar with an apartment complex at the back of it. In the bar area there is a book shelf that is used as a book exchange. This is a commonly found feature in the hotels and bars, where you can take a book to read and return it when you are finished. An outdoor covered bar area overlooks the swimming pool and to the other side, the sea. Here you will find one of the most challenging pool tables ever ! Not only does it appear to be ever so slightly on the tilt, but once you have taken your shot you then have to wait for the natural elements of the Cretan wind to complete its task of moving the ball to its final resting place ! Even an experienced pool player learns new shots and achieved things not previously thought possible on Andreas pool table ! Well worth a visit, along with a pint of the local beer in a refrigerated glass on a hot day, perfect.

Fancy visiting Crete’s very own version of Mr Bean ? Then visit Philipos Bar Restaurant, situated near the village church and sea front and meet Philipos himself.

With all these facilities it may sound like this is a young persons trendy resort, far from it. Gouves contains all that you could want for the most pleasurable relaxing vacation. The resort is more for couples or families seeking solace, stunning beaches, locally run shops and bars without the rowdy culture of too many bars and nightclubs. For those seeking a greater choice of souvenir shops and night life a ten minute bus ride to Hersonissos accommodates this. A long street provides not only shops but also many bars and restaurants. Walking through the town leads to the stunning beaches that surround the town at a lower level. From here boat trips can be taken around the bay at frequent intervals to further view the spectacular coastline.

Travellers seeking the nightlife of bars and clubs are not left out, a 25 minute drive gives access to Maila where these will be found in abundance. A short distance inland, within walking distance if the sun is not too strong ( or out of season ) you can escape the tourist life to find tranquillity of the picturesque village of old town Gouves.

There are caves to be explored in Crete that are formed through natural geological evolution, the erosive action of water. Well worth exploring. There are some reported 5000 caves, some with depths of more than 100m and some with lengths of at least 100m. Take a guided tour from Gouves or hire a car and investigate for yourself. . Many of the local bar, restaurant and shop owners speak English but also appreciate when travellers and tourists speak the odd word or two of Greek. They will help with pronunciation and enjoy the effort you have put in. At least an attempt is being made to integrate with the culture and attempt their language. The Cretans dine late in the evening, most not going out for their evening meal until after 9pm.

When the sun is strong and temperature high the afternoons are for resting indoors and avoiding the intense heat that the Greek weather produces. Easy to slip in to a relaxed lifestyle whilst you are there , forget your watch and let time take its course. Crete is the most wonderful place to visit, choosing Gouves, a tranquil village with access to more vibrant areas nearby is certainly the ideal relaxing holiday. There is definitely something for everyone in this idyllic location.