A Simple Camping Recipe For Travelling

A Simple Camping Recipe For Travelling

Most car travellers have a limited amount of cooking equipment they can carry, some travellers even going ultra-lightweight by relying on lightweight hiking equipment.

With limited facilities, cooking good, wholesome camping meals can be a challenge. Especially if only having one saucepan or frypan and one burner.

Chicken With Couscous is a good camping meal that requires a single burner, a saucepan and a mixing bowl.

Ingredients For Chicken With Couscous Camping Recipe

1) Couscous – pre-packaged type is needed. This just needs hot water to cook. For more details on couscous refer to article Couscous Is The Perfect Camping Food.

2) Cooked chicken meat, cut into small, bite-sized pieces. This is where this recipe is flexible. Chicken meat might be a cooked chicken purchased from a town the traveller has passed through. Or maybe a packet of frozen chicken pieces purchased from the supermarket and kept cold in the car fridge.

The latter is ideal as the chicken pieces can be used for other meals such as lunch during the day.

3) A packet of dried vegetables such as peas, corn or carrot. If car camping, a tin of vegetables can be carried much easier than the dried packet. However, when out hiking the dried version is much easier to carry, but takes a bit more preparation.

4) A dash of olive oil or butter, and any flavour enhancers such as herbs or spices to suit.

Cooking Chicken With Couscous On One Burner

First off, if using the dried vegetables, cook these in the pot using the single burner. These are usually cooked by adding them to cold water and slowly bringing them to the boil.

The amount of water used should be more than enough to use on the couscous.

Once the vegetables are cooked, put the couscous into a bowl or container and drain off the water from the vegetables to pour over the couscous. The packet should detail the amount of water needed, but a good guide is one cup of hot water to one cup of couscous.

When the couscous has absorbed the water and filled out, add some olive oil or butter and fluff the grains to keep them apart.

Next, add the chicken and the vegetables to the couscous. The chicken should be in small pieces.

The final touch is to serve up and add some finishing touches like a sprinkle of spices, or a sprig or two of herbs.

And there is a simple meal. It needs just a single burner, one pan and a bowl for the final mixture.

The simplicity of this camping recipe is obvious. All the cooking is one lot of hot water for the vegetables that is then used on the couscous.

Enhancements To The Chicken With Couscous Camping Meal

The chicken meat is the real key to this camping recipe. A cooked chicken can be easily found in most towns, but when out hiking it is almost impossible.

In this situation, either carry the chicken meat and eat it on the first day’s hike. Or use packet tuna or salmon as the meat.

Another camping recipe using a single burner is Ravioli And Tomatoes.