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A Small Hotel Behind The Chateau Frontenac

A Small Hotel Behind The Chateau Frontenac

Quebec City is not a city that is known for its budget hotels. The old part of the city in particular is more apt to have old historic hotels and bed and breakfast hotels. Of course, you really need to define budget. With the Chateau Frontenac running anywhere from $300-$600 per night depending on the season many hotels might well be considered budget hotels.

In the old part of the city my favorite budget hotel is the Hotel Chateau Bellevue. It is a charming small hotel with rooms decorated in the quintessentially Quebecois style. The rooms are not large but they are very comfortable. If you are lucky you will have one of the rooms that look out onto the Park des Gouverneurs and the St. Lawrence River depending on the time of year. The Chateau Bellevue has one of the best locations in Quebec City; it is literally in the shadow of the Chateau Frontenac.

You have a choice of three types of room. The European Room will be simple; it has a private bathroom with shower only and a double bed. You will still have a comfortable chair to read in but the furniture will be simple and the dcor as well. Rates will run from $89 Canadian is a bargain in any currency but more so if you are an American and can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate which has developed since late 2008.

The standard room will have two double beds as well as a bathroom with tub and shower. It may or may not have a view of the river. It will be larger and more luxuriously appointed than The European Room. Rates begin at $124.

The Old Quebec rooms have a full bathroom and one full size beds. The room rates begin at $99.

The bathrooms are charming. They have a pedestal sink and a nice deep tub great for taking a bath, of course that is assuming that you choose a room with a tub.The hotel is located in a charming gray-stone townhouse with three floors of rooms. All the rooms have cable TV, comfortable beds, wireless internet access, a wine machine (don’t you just love it) a coffee machine that has everything from espresso to cappuccino. The entire hotel is smoke free. The lobby offers a place to relax and meet. There is valet parking which used to be free but of course times have changed and there is now a charge. The windows open but there is air-conditioning.

The Hotel Does not have a restaurant however within a block or two you will find every type of cuisine that you could possibly want. During the off season a continental breakfast is served. There are a variety of packages available that will include restaurants and museums.

This hotel has a lot to offer at a reasonable price. If you want to stay in the old city in a fantastic location this is hotel is a very budget conscious choice. The staff speaks English and is more than happy to make suggestions about what to see and where to eat. It isn’t the Chateau Frontenac but for a budget friendly price you get the same location and plenty of charm.