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A Visitors Guide To Exeter

A Visitors Guide To Exeter   Things To Do In Exeter   Where To Stay In Devon   What To Do In Devon

Exeter is a city located in Devon in the south of England. This is a historical town with strong ties back to the time of the Roman Empire. Exeter has a spectacular cathedral that dates right back to the 12th century. The city has a population of around one hundred and twenty thousand and has a real thriving community. The city has an excellent university which means the city often has a large amount of young educated people around.

If you are looking to visit Exeter then there are plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. There are some large hotels offering high quality rooms and good food and an excellent service. Some of the notable hotels in the area include, The Royal Clarence Hotel, Mercure Hotel and the Exeter Court Hotel. These all come with a good reputation and are all of a good standard. There are lots of other hotels in the area ranging from top of the line to smaller guest houses and bed and breakfast. There are also lots of cottages in the area that are available for rent, most of these are privately owned but all of a good standard.

There is plenty to do in Exeter itself. The cathedral really is well worth a look and does offer some stunning architecture. The grounds are also a really nice place to look around and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are also some impressive underground passages in Exeter that have been there for many years, these are an interesting experience that are worth a look. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum may interest some people, this is a good place to go and explore the history of the area. There is also a good shopping centre in the middle of the city, all the shops you would expect in a city of this size. There are also many excellent galleries in the city that are really well worth a visit and even if you are not really into this kind of culture you will always find something that will grab your attention in the city.

Exeter is also a popular place to visit at night. There is a busy nightlife in the city and always something going on. With this being a university city there are plenty of people who are out and about wanting to enjoy themselves, sometimes that can be a negative thing but you tend to find that in Exeter the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and friendly and you don’t tend to feel threatened when out in the city at night.

Exeter is also set in some wonderful countryside. There are some great places to visit in Devon that really are well worth a look. Dartmoor national park is an area of outstanding beauty and is only a short drive from Exeter, this really is a great place to explore. There are also some wonderful beaches in Devon and a stunning coastline, there are countless quaint little villages and lovely market towns in the area that really are worth exploring.

Overall Exeter really is a great place to visit. There is so much going on in the city itself and so many other great places to visit in the area. This is a city with a wonderful culture and a friendly atmosphere. If you have never been to Exeter then it really is a place well worth a visit.