Adult Volleyball Leagues for Men Women or Coed Indoor Games

Adult Volleyball Leagues for Men Women or Coed Indoor Games

Recreational adult volleyball leagues are ideal for players that enjoy regulation volleyball games with a competitive edge. Differing from pick-up games or open play, joining an adult volleyball league provides a forum for structured and coordinated games.

Players need to evaluate their skill level, preferred positions and competition volleyball capabilities when choosing between men, women’s or co-ed volleyball leagues.

Selecting a Type of Adult Volleyball League to Join

Leagues are typically formed to accommodate co-ed volleyball teams, men’s volleyball teams or women’s volleyball teams. Each type of adult volleyball league has advantages and disadvantages for individual players.

  • Men’s indoor volleyball leagues. Men’s volleyball games are known to be more aggressive, with especially hard hitting with spiking and blocking. Male volleyball players should expect a more advanced level of competition. The volleyball net height is set at 7′ 11 5/8″ for men’s volleyball leagues.
  • Women’s volleyball leagues. For women who prefer a bit less intensity in a volleyball game, a women’s volleyball league is ideal. Women also enjoy playing on a women’s volleyball team, as opposed to a co-ed volleyball team, because they are offered more variety in positions. The volleyball net height is also set slightly lower than men’s and co-ed games at only 7′ 4 1/8″ for women, making it easier for women to spike and block.
  • Co-ed indoor volleyball leagues. Many men and women find a more balanced game with co-ed volleyball leagues. Typically there are four men and two women on the court during co-ed volleyball games. Women are most often designated to the setter position, while men predominately spike and block. For women who like to set and men who like to hit, a co-ed volleyball league is an ideal scenario. The volleyball net height is set the same as men’s games at 7′ 11 5/8″ for co-ed volleyball games.

Adult volleyball leagues are often coordinated through local sports associations, recreational centers, community centers and schools and held at participating indoor gymnasiums. Players may join as a team or as individuals and placed on a team in the league. League fees are split between team members and cover referee, court and equipment expenses.

A volleyball league should supply basic equipment needed, such as official volleyball net systems, a quality volleyball ball brand and maintain official volleyball court and net height dimensions. The referee should also be accredited and follow all official volleyball rules and regulations during games.

Rules and Expectations of an Indoor Volleyball League for Adults

Volleyball players that join adult leagues are looking for fun, exercise and good competition. As some players may take the game more seriously than others, there are some basic rules and expectations of all players in adult volleyball leagues indoors.

Rules and expectations of adult volleyball leagues indoors include:

  • Understand indoor volleyball regulations
  • Obey the volleyball referee
  • Wear knee pad protection at all times
  • Wear sturdy indoor volleyball shoes or sneakers
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Work to improve volleyball skills or weaknesses
  • Respect your position on the team
  • Have good attendance with volleyball games
  • Arrive early for warm-ups and drills

Indoor adult volleyball leagues typically run for a set number of weeks and play once or twice a week over the course of several months. Game rotations are predetermined prior to the volleyball league start. Depending on a team’s win/loss standings, the team may continue to play through semi-final and final matches until a league winner is determined.

Improve Game Skills in Adult Volleyball Leagues Indoors

Joining an adult volleyball league is a great way to improve game skills while having fun. While volleyball leagues help to improve playing skills, players should choose a team and league that matches a current skill level of beginner, intermediate or advanced for the correct level of competition.

Adult volleyball leagues are also good for experienced, competitive players that want to keep volleyball playing skills sharpened. Young adults interested in pursuing a volleyball college scholarship, an adult volleyball league can help strengthen team playing skills. For summertime beach players, an indoor volleyball league keeps volleyball skills fresh during the off season.

Choosing a different type of volleyball league for variety can improve volleyball position skills. Men who typically play in a co-ed volleyball league may want to increase competition and try a men’s volleyball league. Women who have been playing in a setter position for a co-ed volleyball league may want to join a women’s league for more experience spiking and blocking. Indoor volleyball games can be both enjoyable and rewarding when playing on the right adult volleyball league.