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Advantages Of Private Vacation Rentals In The Caribbean

Advantages Of Private Vacation Rentals In The Caribbean

When planning a vacation it is always difficult to try to find the appropriate accommodations, there are so many choices. Should it be a fancy resort or maybe a small guest house and save some money to use on activities. There are also family inns, beds and breakfasts, and private rentals. What are the advantages of staying in a private villa and having the whole place to your group?

One definite pro is that you have the place all to yourself, or your family! This means no having to deal with other guests in the room next door fussing because you took a shower at 2:00 a.m. and made their pipes rattle. You don’t have to worry about the children, yours or theirs getting along and running off with each other to the game room. It is your place and you are the only one that matters!

Dinners you can fix yourself, or you can go out to a different restaurant every night, you are not on a meal plan! Of course some homes in the Caribbean come with a chef, and you can set up the menu! Hotels frequently have set menus and if you don’t like what is on it, you are stuck either going out somewhere else or eating it, maybe not what you intended on vacation.

In the Caribbean most villas come not only with scenic vistas and beautiful gardens, but private pools. This means you can get tired of the beach yet still go swimming, but you won’t be fighting for space with 200 other people, it is your pool! The pools are often the same size as most small hotels, and all yours to enjoy.

If you want to be social, you can head over to the hotel and just use their bar, eat at their restaurant and then escape back to your villa, which is probably cheaper than a room. Can a villa be cheaper? Of course it depends on the villa and the hotel, but often they are comparable in price with the home being slightly less expensive. A high class Caribbean Hotel Room will run you at least US$300/night, or $2100 for seven days, there are lovely properties available for rent for less than $2000/week, and you won’t pay 10% gratuity when you leave!

A private home in the Caribbean will usually only come with one housekeeper, so beds will be made and the rugs vacuumed, but that person will not be changing and will also guard you belongings, because they become the main suspect if something goes missing! Safety at a private home is as good as at most hotels!

There are definitely advantages to renting a private home for vacation in the Caribbean!