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Adventure Travel Survival And Safety Tips

Adventure Travel Survival And Safety Tips

Adventure travel probably isn’t your parent’s idea of a relaxing vacation. The idea is to push the envelope when it comes to seeing new places, experiencing new things and challenging yourself. While this may seem like a good idea, it is necessary to realize the dangers involved and to be sure that you are prepared.

Every year someone has to be rescued from some situation that they have gotten themselves into either because they underestimated the danger involved or overestimated their own capabilities. The truth is that just because it is on TV, looks like fun, and other people have survived doesn’t mean that you will. Experts who have been facing the physical stress of adventures around the world all their life are well accustomed to every eventuality.

If you decide on an adventure, know the physical requirements involved and be prepared to evaluate yourself accordingly. If it’s rafting on rapids, you should be well aware of how to survive in the water. If it’s mountain climbing, you should have the endurance to safely get there and back.

Whatever adventure you choose, it’s a good idea to find someone who is an expert in the particular area to mentor you, explain the requirements, the conditions, and all the possible complications. It is also a good idea to start small and get in some training with a veteran adventurer. Inexperienced adventurers often need to be rescued from dangerous situations, causing others to risk their own lives in the process. Be sure that you are trained and ready for every possibility, injury, and weather condition, and are familiar with the equipment you will need, and well schooled in its use.

Just like the experts on TV, know your terrain. Be well familiar with the area, the closest areas where help can be found, and the best way to get there. Also be aware of the flora and fauna. In many locations there are animals that are deadly, and while some plants can be eaten in an emergency, others are fatal.
Having a working knowledge of how to survive on your own and a good idea of basic first aid is vital, and just may save your life.

Adventure vacations may be the experience of a lifetime if they turn out well. Wherever you go, you stand a better chance of making that happen by being well prepared, well equipped, and knowledgeable about the possible hazards involved.