Soft Drinks

Advertising And Obesity

Advertising And Obesity

The relation between soft drinks advertisements and childhood obesity.

During recent years, you may be aware that childhood obesity has sky rocketed.

This can be directly related back to soft drinks via the world of fast food. For example, how many times have you and your child sat down before- or after- dinner, and during an add break, a delicious looking burger, chips and Soft Drink have appeared on the screen, claiming to be “good” or “cool”. This, further more, influences your child to nag for you to by it when you are out next time, which, of course you do, anything to stop them nagging.

Of course this is the worst thing you can do, as this gives money back to the major companies, which they then use for even more advertising, or investing a new product. By doing either of these two things, the companies again capture you or your child’s attention, and influence you to buy their unhealthy option of lunch, which, in turn, causes you or your child-or both- to become obese.

Obesity can cause a major variety of problems, in children and adults alike. For example, next time you see an obese person, just think… what have they done to become that way? They have to have done something… like eating the wrong foods. The problems that this person may face include diabetes, and an early death rate. You are responsible for you child’s well being, and is this really what you want them to have to face later on in life?

So, simply this is the deathly obesity line: advertising+ children = money for companies and obese child.

money for companies= advertising. advertising+ obese child= more obese child and more money for companies.

So, you may wonder, how do we stop this deadly line? We could try to stop the companies, but even if that worked another company would rise to the occasion.

The answer is simple.

Start from scratch. When you and your child are watching tv, simply mute it during adds. If your child is already obese, encourage them to do a sport, or even just do 20 situps and 5-10 pushups every morning with them. Also, refuse to buy bad foods when you are out, or limit it till when you are happy with their well being, or as a treat for exercising regularly, or even better, cook healthy foods at home- theirs plenty of good cookbooks out there!

Just remember- keep it simple, fun, and help and interact with your child!