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Affordable Hotels In New York City Ny

Affordable Hotels In New York City Ny

With the economic situation changing at a rate that’s mostly uncertain to most travelers to the USA, they have also been checking out the latest on affordable hotels in New York City (NYC). You may find the latest updates online, actually. You may also want to check recent blogs, and news. One interesting posting’s found on the “The Frugal Traveler Blog” in New York Times (NYT), where the blogger (Matt Gross) shared his tips on where to search for “good hotel rates” (visit the site: This has been countered by a reader by suggesting “Travelzoo,” and if you’re looking for short-term stays in apartments, you may want to check  

With having those suggestions coming in from as many sources as they are, some readers even remind  NYC’s visitors to always consider staying in New York City YMCA (which are among the most affordable hotels in the city). As of this writing, visitors may book a clean and well maintained room (that’s close to points visitors may want to visit in NYC) at the rate of $90 a night.

Additionally, the NYT travel blogger also recommended the following two hotels. Consider checking The Jane (113 Jane Street; 212-924-6700; in the West Village. Rates start at $99 for a single room. It’s “respectable” but rather “smallish” based on the feedback received by this writer from one of his friends who came in for a short visit to NYC from Germany.

Hotel Chelsea (222 West 23rd Street; 212-243-3700; rates also as among the most affordable hotels in NYC, a hotel that’s also close to practically all regular city amenities including theatres, bars, supermarkets, delis, plus parks. The hotel’s atmosphere remains artsy for most, for having regularly hosted a variety of interesting cultural characters in its rooms while they’re in NYC.

The following Manhattan-based hotels have been noted to offer below $150 room rates to clients (the hotels’ brief details are provided following their locations):
1)    The Lower East Side (LES) has Off SoHo Suites Hotel (11 Rivington Street; 212-979-9808; Families and big groups may want to check in here as larger suites come with private bathrooms and full kitchens, which stay affords you relatively easy walking access to your targeted destinations in SoHo and the LES.

2)    The East Village has Union Square Inn (209 East 14th Street; 212-614-0500;, with no-views windows, but affords visitors easy walking access to Union Square where they can do a lot of peoplewatching.

3)    Gramercy’s got the following: Hotel 117 (225 East 17th Street; 212-475-2845; Madonna, the iconic singer, herself, stayed here when she was younger. Hotel 31 (129 East 31st Street; 212-685-3060; comes in next, as Hotel 117’s sister property. Then Murray Hill Inn (143 East 30th Street; 212-683-6900;, a walk-up hotel, that’s known to be quieter at night.

4)    Chelsea’s got at least 5 affordable hotels, namely: Americana Inn (69 West 38th Street; 212-840-6700;, Chelsea International Hostel (251 West 20th Street; 212-647-0010;, Chelsea Lodge (318 West 20th Street; 212-243-4499;, Chelsea Star Hotel (300 West 30th Street; 212-244-7827;, and the Colonial House Inn (318 West 22nd Street; 212-243-9669;

5)    The Theatre District, where you can just walk to and fro its many theatres showing on-Broadway shows, has the Big Apple Hostel (119 West 45th Street, 212-302-2603;, and the Park Savoy Hotel (158 West 58th Street; 212-245-5755;

6)    In Lower Manhattan, you may want to consider staying at the Hotel Grand Union (34 East 32nd Street; 212-683-5890;, where a few of its well-maintained rooms can be large enough for families.

7)    The Upper West Side (UWS) has at least 5, including the Amsterdam Inn (340 Amsterdam Avenue; 212-579-7500;, the Hostelling International – New York (891 Amsterdam Avenue; 212-932-2300;, the Hotel Newton (2528 Broadway; 212-678-6500;; the Jazz on the Park – and with 4 other locations in other parts of Manhattan (36 West 106th Street; 212-932-1600;, and the West End Studios (850 West End Avenue; 212-749-7104;

8)    Going to Morningside Heights and Harlem, visitors may want to check the Morningside Inn Hotel (235 West 107th Street; 212-316-0055;, an affordable place to stay that’s also close to NYC’s Columbia University.

You may also want to check the latest edition of DK Eyewitness Travel’s New York City travel book (from which most information in this article has been sourced). And of course, check out first with your own contacts who just came from the city (as well as those you know who are residents here), as they may have the latest information by word-of-mouth on affordable hotels in NYC – as the prices of booking your stay in them follow in an almost volatile manner the changes in the seasons, and the circumstances of the period of your travel plans.