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Algeria Visiting Algeria

Algeria Visiting Algeria

If you want to get the full experience of the Sahara Desert, then the African destination of choice has to be Algeria. This is one of the striking features of this country in the walled towns with their date palm trees providing shady areas. You can see the large sand dunes of the desert as well as the caravans of the nomadic tribes that make the desert their home. One thing that you must be aware of when visiting this country is the security measures that you need to be safe. Take cautions when travelling in this country if you want to travel to areas other than the southeastern provinves. Tourists in the northern parts of the country are often subject to terrorist attacks.

That being said, Algeria has much to offer tourists in sights to see and activities in which they can engage to make this vacation a memorable one. Algiers is a very old city containing Roman ruins, all of which are perfectly preserved due to the hot, dry desert climate. This is a modern city with many shopping malls, but there is still an old-world ambiance in the alleyways and numerous mosques. Take time to admire the distinctive Algerian architecture which is reminiscent of the houses and buildings you will find in Turkey. The Kasbah of Algiers is a site that you simply have to include in your itinerary. This is a type of Islamic city and is one of the finest coastal ports on the Mediterranean.

Along the coast of Algeria, not far from the capital city of Algiers, you can visit the town of Tipasa. Here there are exceptional Roman, Christian and Punic ruins. This was a trading post in ancient times that was conquered by the Roman army. Here you will get a look at what life was like living in this part of the world in Roman times.

Enjoy the scenery of the mountains where fig and olive groves bloom in the summer. In winter there are ski slopes in these areas. On the western coast of Algeria, there are also historic ruins and mosques in Oran, the second largest city in the country,

If you visit Algeria in the summer and want a place where you can enjoy see the sights without feeling oppressively hot, an obvious choice for tourists is the town of Tlemencen, which is located in the wooded hills of the Tellian Atlas. Here you can spend time visiting such attractions as the Grand Mosque, the Almohad Ramparts and the Mansourah Fortress.

There is limited accommodation in Algeria outside of the large centers. In Algiers and Oran, there are luxury hotels where you will be quite comfortable. In general tourists to this country try to avoid the cheaper hotels, even if you can get a reservation, because they so not have the wide range of amenities you are used to in average hotels. There are many resorts along the Mediterranean coast, most of which adhere to high standards. Some of them also contain a nightclub for your entertainment. In the Oasis area of the country and in the far South, good accommodations are really hard to find.