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All Inclusive Options

All Inclusive Options

The phrase ‘All- inclusive’ should be self explanatory but the problem lies with whether the meals and activities included in your hotel tariff and thus already paid for, meet entirely with your individual satisfaction.

The expectation is that there will be so much variety in activities, entertainment and choice of food and drink that you could not possibly be disappointed but this does not always occur. It can be a nightmare if you find that the food and drink available is not at all to your taste and thus you have to pay extra for alternative meals elsewhere.

Read recent reviews on Tripadvisor. very thoroughly before you select an all inclusive package and regard a series of adverse comments about the hotel you are considering very seriously as there is nothing worse than being presented with the same menu selection every day if there is nothing that tempts your taste buds. For instance you would expect an all inclusive hotel in Italy to have pizza and ice cream on the menu but this is not always the case and if you only get presented with veal steak and cannelloni every single day you will be desperate to visit the nearest pizza parlour.

Always read the tour operator’s small print too so you know whether something has been pre-paid or if there is an additional supplement to be made in resort for anything. Certain activities may only be included at certain times of day; the key is to be as informed as you possibly can so that an ‘All inclusive’ option works to your advantage.

If the food and drink selection is to your liking then all well and good but there is always the danger you’ll overdo it and the sensible phrase ’Moderation in all things’ springs to mind here. Not many people return from their all inclusive holidays as twenty stone alcoholics but there is always the danger of over-indulgence that could spoil your holiday just for the  sake of ‘Getting your money’s worth’. Everyone has heard of the nightmare stories of people falling over hotel balconies  through drinking too much and everyone has seen people pile up their plates on all inclusive deals as if there were going to be a worldwide famine declared the very next day. The sheer waste is deplorable. Take what you think you can reasonably eat and if you are still hungry you can always go back for more. Never think along the lines of: ‘Well, I paid for it’ because you won’t be doing yourself any favours with such over indulgence. Also be aware that when locally produced alcoholic drinks come as part of an all inclusive option they can often be extremely potent.

A reputable worldwide tour operator such as Thomson will be able to advise you of the best all inclusive deals available for the coming tourist season:

Booking all inclusive will help you manage your holiday budget better since you will have fewer extras to factor into the equation. If you are not intending to stray very far from the hotel grounds then additional costs may be minimal.

All inclusive may not be advisable if you want to try some of the local cuisine – in this case half board would be the better option so you can be free to visit some local cafes and bistros at lunchtime.

Regarding the activities available at your all inclusive hotel; make sure you know what is included and what is not at the start of your holiday or better still before you even fly. ‘Optional extras’ can have a habit of sneaking onto your final hotel bill unnoticed and you will still need to budget for these. Things like phone calls and laundry are always chargeable but other services that you assume are included may not be.

The combination of common sense strategies and making yourself as informed as you can be will enable you to enjoy your all inclusive holiday to the full and return home with good memories into the bargain.