Altered Notepad Holder

Altered Notepad Holder

For the executive, teacher, mom, or anyone else who relies on little pieces of paper, a fun gift idea is a decorative notepad holder. This holder is only slightly larger than a standard self-stick note pad, but far more interesting.

Altered Notepad Holder Instructions

To create an altered notepad holder, gather the following materials:

  • 1 self-stick 3”x3” notepad stack (no more than 3/4” thick)
  • 2 4” square bar coasters or 2 pieces of chipboard cut to 4” squares
  • 2 pieces of 1.5” wide ribbon, each 4” long, with edges sealed to prevent fraying
  • 4 pieces of cardstock or patterned paper cut to 4”x4”
  • 1 piece of cardstock or patterned paper cut to 2.5”x4”
  • Adhesives – preferable a glue stick and a tape runner, others as needed for embellishments
  • Embellishments that coordinate with the cardstock or patterned paper

Begin by adhering the paper squares to the chipboard squares. A glue stick is best for this task. (For more information on decorating chipboard, please read: Altering Chipboard with Paper) Take the rectangle-shaped paper and apply adhesive using the tape runner only on the sides and bottom, and adhere the paper to one side of one of the chipboard squares. This will create a pocket that you can slip the back sheet of the notepad into.

Take one of the pieces of ribbon and apply adhesive to the long edges in a 1/4” wide strip. Adhere the chipboard squares to the ribbon, so the ribbon forms a hinge between the squares. Apply a 1/4” wide strip of adhesive to the edges of the chipboard, and lay the second piece of ribbon on top. Press firmly to ensure good adhesion. Slide the notepad into the pocket, and close the front cover of the notepad holder.

The front of the holder can now be customized and decorated with embellishments. Options include flowers, buttons, monograms, and jewels.

Variations on the Altered Notepad Holder

  • When using a thinner notepad stack, use a narrower ribbon, or create a larger overlap of the ribbon on the chipboard square. Ribbon less than 1” wide is not recommended.
  • Instead of using ribbon for the hinge of the notepad holder, punch holes in each of the chipboard squares and connect with binder rings or jump rings.
  • Attach a strip of elastic to the back cover and stretch it around the front cover to keep the front cover closed.
  • Adhere a photo to the front cover of the notepad to personalize it
  • Rather than using adhesive to attach the ribbon to the chipboard, use hand or machine stitching.
  • Use paper and embellishments focusing on a specific theme, like a holiday or event.
  • Add a magnetic strip to the back of the notepad holder so it can stick to a refrigerator or file cabinet when not in use.

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