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Alternative Spring Breaks

Alternative Spring Breaks

For all you spring breakers out there remember one thing, no make that two: It only comes around once a year for four years and there are other ways to spend it you know. It doesn’t have to be all booze and sex over at some random beach house in Malibu, Cancun, Atlantic City, you name it. College is one of those turbulent episodes in a youngsters life. All they do is just eat, sleep, study, cram, rise and shine for 8am classes, party with crombies, and then the cycle repeats itself. This is the reason why spring break is way up there under the favorite holidays category for collegeers. Some of the more popular places to visit are Cancun, South Padre Island, Florida, and Atlantic City.

Vegas will probably be a great retreat for all of you spring breakers out there. Sure there are no beaches around the vicinities but think: Who doesn’t dream about Vegas? Sure you have all year round to visit but the question is will you get the chance. You may be swamped with an internship during the summer or summer classes who knows or maybe your friends will. Tis the season to roll spontaneously and if your mind aint creative enough to think of any better place and if its your senior year and if you’ve just barely turned 21, this is not something to miss. Browse thru Student Select some of the best air fare deals. Grab a few of your best pals, and hop on the very next jet to Vegas. And sing Hallelujah with three beers in your hands cuz it just won’t get better.

For those of you environmentalists out there who adore the wilderness, and have a passion for the outdoors you may wanna consider visiting a national park whether it is Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, or Yosemite. You’ll get to enjoy mountain climbing, rock climbing, standing on the edge of cliffs, waterfalls, camping out, and various gift shops and authentic restaurants. You’ll also get plenty of exercise walking miles around the vast forest, taking snapshots of scenic beauty. This might be the trip to take for graduate students out there especially for those working on their thesis in environmental activism.

There is a much better alternative out there for winners at heart, and this means just wrapping yourself with a blanket reading a new book or finishing up an older one. There are thousands of us who’d rather stay away from all of that combustion and noise on the bay side and settle down for something tranquil. You may just end up studying instead or just take a brief stroll around town, perhaps a walk in the park on a bright sunny day.

Bottom line is this: You must use your imagination if you would like solid results in how your spring break turns out. Don’t flat out dissappoint yourself. Then again there is the top secret option that most collegeers don’t know about and that is slumping around your very own home doing absolutely nothing, playing video games and drinking beer. That’s actually the way to go. I know the concept sounds foreign to most of y’all but think about it, you don’t have to spend any money! And look at it this way a cheap spring break will always be rewarded with something way way sexier in the far future *wink*