Amazing French Food In Quebec City

Amazing French Food In Quebec City

Quebec City is a little piece of Europe on the North American continent. The cuisine is very reflective of that. You can find a wide variety of ethnic restaurants as well as French and also Quebecois foods being offered. Here are a few that offer some of the most interesting opportunities to sample dining out in Quebec City.

Le Grande Café: This is a quintessential Quebecois café located on Grande Allee where the main occupation is people watching. You can sit at a table with an umbrella outdoors or if it is cold or rainy indoors is simple and charming. The views outside are exceptional and preferred if available.

The food, like much of what you will find in Quebec City, is eclectic. You can have pizza or pasta, fajitas, steak and frites or mussels and frites. There are also dishes with an oriental flare such as Imperial rolls and Saigon caramel shrimp. They serve fondue both oriental and the traditional Swiss. 

The atmosphere, especially outdoors is so very Quebec with the views of the Parliament Building and the clip clop of the horse drawn caleche. It is a very good place to enjoy a relaxed meal.

Le Cachon Dingue: Located in the Lower City, this amazing bistro cafe offers great people watching with delicious food. From breakfast and brunch to lunch and dinner, you can enjoy any meal whether outdoors in the warm weather or indoors year round. The menu is diverse and offers crepes, mussels and frites and, of course, that popular Quebecois dish poutine.

This restaurant is a favorite of this writer and is a must visit on every trip. Whether it is steak and frites, a tasty salad or a typical French sandwich you are sure to find something on the menu to please every taste. Children are always welcome and they have their own menu.

Au Petit Coin Breton: If you love a crepe, this is the perfect place to indulge that love. They offer the original crepe from Breton which can be savory as well as sweet. The kitchen is open concept and the waitress’ dress in traditional costumes. You will be amazed at the variety and number of items that can be folded into a crepe and yes they are folded not rolled.

You can have fresh vegetables in a béchamel sauce or melted chocolate. If you are a purist and want just a crepe with real Canadian maple syrup you can have that too. If you would rather have a salad there are quite a few offered. The location is ideal too right in the middle of the shopping district on the Rue. St. Jean.

These are just of few of the many restaurants that you can enjoy in Quebec City. We never tire of trying new ones and returning to old favorites.