Ami Ami Kart Review

Ami Ami Kart Review

Ami Ami Kart is a fun game that I enjoyed playing. As a kid I use to love Super Mario Kart in fact my whole family loved it on the old Super Nintendo. Well this game is similar with the exception that it doesn’t feature Mario characters. It’s a very fun and simple racing game that would appeal most to a young audience. The graphics are basic and everyone from the racing characters to the farm yard animals seem to have very large heads for some reason. The racing tracks are very basic with no shortcuts or special places to find. There are weapons and speed boasts to be found, which can be useful to gain an advantage over the other racers. The game also has a catchy soundtrack.

Unfortunately due to the severe lack of variety and inferior graphics this game will only interest kids. Even then my gut reaction is it’s fun to play at first, but after a bit of time it will get boring. I have mentioned the comparison with Super Mario Kart, but this game is a poor version. I cannot see how this game could be fun for hours at a time. Obviously as a two player game it is probably better and that is hard for me to judge because I haven’t tested the two player mode. However the game doesn’t have the same variety as Mario Kart, where there were many game modes and different tracks to enjoy. The control method is simple enough using the arrow keys to move the cart and the “A” button to use an object, such as a weapon on speed boost.

The biggest problem this game has is there are so many great racing games these days. Simple games like Ami Ami Kart will look poor in comparison. I know this game is probably aimed towards kids and not competing with the likes of Need For Speed, but it still lacks imagination. I have owned some great racing games with inferior graphics that were really fun to play, but this one doesn’t add up to them. I think the thing that this game lacks the most is variety. I think the concept behind Ami Ami kart is good, but it has been undeveloped and simply doesn’t compare with classics like Mario Kart.

I can see how to game would appeal to some people especially if it’s very cheap, so I will give it 3/5. However there are better games out there and if you own a console, then go with one of the better games.