Apple iPad Category Added to Freelancercom

Apple iPad Category Added to Freelancercom

Consistent with its long history of changing how people use computers and communicate, Apple has created another device that will, like its wildly successful iPhone and iPod Touch, redefine how users experience music, movies, books, magazines, web pages and online communication. The recent launch of game-changing iPad mobile device provides a new opportunity for savvy application developers to reach an enthusiastic audience of early adopters.

With a now-familiar touch screen interface, the new iBookstore poised to challenge by transforming how consumers read books and periodicals, productivity software iWork available for creating business documents and a rumored upgrade of the more personal iLife suite the latest work of wizardry from Cupertino is forecast to attract a large user base.

To quote Steve Jobs: “iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” (Source:, January 27, 2010)

Riding the Next Wave of Mobile Application Development

But for someone who’s not a developer and who wants to be part of the new wave of mobile application development where can they find an expert to make their idea a downloadable reality? is among the first online outsourcing service to announce a category specifically dedicated to matching experienced developers with non-programmers to create applications for, among other things, the new iPad. provides a global service that lets anyone with an idea for the next killer app to work with a seasoned programmer, and at a fraction of the cost a big agency might charge.

Not surprisingly, iPhone application development has been one of the more popular categories over at according to the site, there are over 100 active projects in any given day, with thousands of iPhone applications having been created by the independent contractors available through the site and now available in the iTunes App Store.

Outsourcing Opportunity for iPad Apps

It’s clear that Apple is a brilliant engineering company that creates products that people want. The iTunes App Store boasts of having over 140,000 iPhone and iPod Touch applications available, with over 1 billion applications having been downloaded; naturally, it can be anticipated that this number will grow exponentially as more apps are created or streamlined to display better on the iPad’s 10-inch screen.

The virtual doors are open to another new generation of developers — and to anyone who’s dreamed of creating mobile apps — to join the next software gold rush, with most contracted development starting at as little as US$200. The opportunity to be part of the next generation of personal computing is now.

The release in the US is scheduled for either late February or early March, with international release to be announced.