Are Warriors of Chaos Chariots a Good use of a Special Slot in Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Are Warriors of Chaos Chariots a Good use of a Special Slot in Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Machines of Destruction

Chaos Chariots are massive behemoths of metal, beast and Chaos Warrior.  Unlike the Chariots of other races Chaos Chariots are forged out of heavy black iron and weigh an immense amount, only the fact Chaos Steeds are mutated and stronger then normally mounts grants them the strength needed to pull such a contraction of death.  Such is the weigh once moving the sheer momentum of the Chariot will often see in careen straight through enemy units as if the enemy was nothing more then wheat stalks waiting to be scythed down.

The sides of these Chaos Chariots sports many grisly trophies, severed limbs, heads and skulls of former foes, the entire contraption is laced with spikes and blades and heavily bladed wheels shriek as the Chaos Chariot picks up speed.  Formidable as the machine is the Warriors of Chaos it bears into battle are amongst the most dangerous warriors in the Warhammer world and the havoc they reek combined with the destruction of the Chariot has broken many a battle line.

Constructs of Death

Chaos Chariots are a special choice for Warriors of Chaos in Warhammer Fantasy battle.  The Chariot may be given one of the Marks of Chaos, Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch or Slaanesh.  Chariots are also available as a mount option for Warriors of Chaos characters these Chariots must bear the same Mark of Chaos as the character if they have one.  The two Chaos Warrior crew come equipped with halberds and it is pulled by two barded Chaos Steeds.

Although Chariots are good and the Chaos Chariot is hard hitting the Chaos Chariot is a little on the expensive side especially if you add on a Mark of Chaos.  Hard hitting on the charge they are not high enough unit strength to negate ranks unless ridden by a Character.  Chaos Chariots also take up a special slot and they are some other good selections for Warriors of Chaos such as Ogres, Dragon Ogres, Trolls and the deadly Chaos Knights.

Khorne Chariots with Frenzy can be a bit of a liability as a canny opponent can lure you into charging into terrain which will likely damage you, and continue to drag you through it most likely finishing off your Chaos Chariot all together.  Chariots also suffer from the dreaded strength 7 rule that automatically destroys them making them costly to lose to a single attack though hopefully with the release of 8th edition this rule will disappear making Chariots a much more effective unit.