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Ask For An Upgrade

Ask For An Upgrade

Unless you are on an expense account, most travelers want to spend the least amount for their hotel room that is possible. That does not mean that you don’t want an upgraded room. The trick is to get a room upgrade while still paying the same amount that you would pay for a lower class room.  Here are a few tips for getting the hotel room upgrade that you want. It may involve a little more work on your part but the end result is worth it.

Getting an upgrade

Getting a hotel room upgrade is not impossible. There are times when you will get one without even asking. You can’t however, count on this so you need to have a strategic plan for trying to get the upgrade that you want.


The easiest way to get an upgrade is to ask for it. You can ask when you are booking, when you reconfirm and when you check in. Mentioning that you write travel reviews is never a bad strategy. It lets the hotel know that there is publicity for their establishment possible and they of course,  want it to be a good review.

Be loyal

One of the best ways to get a hotel room upgrade is to develop brand loyalty. You need to try to stick to one or two brands and sign up for their loyalty program. This allows you to earn extra points and use them to purchase an upgrade. It also tells The Hotel Staff that you are a regular customer and if they have upgrades to give out, you will be on top of the list. It  helps you as well, when you ask for an upgrade.

Use Your Points

Most mileage programs and many credit cards offer hotel upgrades in exchange for points. The points don’t cost you anything additional and it may be a very good deal to use them for a hotel room upgrade.

Tell hotel staff about special events

It never hurts to tell the desk staff that you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or a birthday. This has been known to get people a room upgrade. It may also get you some other perks from the hotel such as a bottle of wine, chocolates, flowers or a free breakfast.

When you are trying to get a hotel room upgrade, use one or all of these tips. The more you try, the greater the chance you have that you will be successful in your attempt.