Benalmadena Marina Benalmadena Spain

Benalmadena Marina Benalmadena Spain

Benalmadena Marina, in the resort of Benalmadena on Spain’s Costa del Sol, has several times in recent years been voted the world’s best marina. Benalmadena Marina is one of only two marinas on the entire Costa del Sol and is therefore extremely popular with owners of craft of various sizes on the Mediterranean Sea looking to visit the South of Spain’s sunshine coast.

Benalmadena Marina is situated on the eastern side of Benalmadena, right on the border with the neighbouring resort of Torremolinos. Its overall capacity in its waterways is for approximately eleven hundred craft, up to a length of twenty feet, or six metres.

There is a choice of pleasure craft which the visitor to Benalmadena Marina can choose to book on for a trip out on to the blue Mediterranean waters, including a Chinese Junk. Prices vary hugely depending upon the operator and the date and duration of the trip. It is therefore necessary to establish this at the time of your visit.

The marina of course contains a great deal more than berths for seagoing vessels. It is home to Benalmadena’s Sea Life Centre. The centre includes more than five thousand different species of marine life from all over the world and can prove to be an extremely entertaining day out for all the family.

The shops and boutiques scattered around Benalmadena Marina offer a wide variety of items, from yachting wear to items totally unassociated with the sea. They can prove to be very expensive, however, and it is as well to browse the other shops in the town before purchasing particularly any larger items, as the price difference on at least a very similar item may prove to be considerable.

Benalmadena Marina has a wide variety of cafes and bars, from simple ice cream parlours, to bars, to restaurants. It is very popular with the more affluent locals on the Costa del Sol and the prices therefore unfortunately tend to reflect this. Even simply going for a jug of Sangria cost almost exactly double what it had cost earlier on the promenade, for what has to be said was an inferior quality drink.

There are, as one may expect, a great many street vendors throughout Benalmadena Marina, trying to sell everything from ladies’ handbags to simple shoeshines. They are generally fairly well-mannered and not overly persistent but the problem is that there are so many of them, constantly saying no to one after another after another can become frustrating.

Benalmadena Marina is therefore well worth exploring for any and all visitors to the resort, provided that they bear in mind the cost of items in the marina compared to the cost a mere half mile away.

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