Bes Brands Of Wines

Bes Brands Of Wines

What are the best wine?

The question is very general because it relies on knowledge, personal taste, budget and other parameters, depending on whether you want to buy a wine for drinking within the short term or with friends or keep it for long before drinking it or keep it for resale at a later date and make a profit.

Therefore, the immediate question is not what you like or dislike but to brush up your knowledge (assuming you have got one) in respect of great wines, hence the issue is the final destination of your next purchases.

Having set the problem and assuming you have some knowledge of wines, it is always good to brush it up through a magazine, for the reason that recent vintages can have a good or bad influence on the quality as opposed to your knowledge based on past vintage years that you have in mind.

This being done, it would be interesting to select in magazines or catalogues the growing areas or wines that appeal to you in the first instance and in relation to your own tastes. The list of great wines is tremendous? While the emphasis has always been put over the Bordeaux wines, other countries do produce now great wines at quite a high value ( Australia, California etc..).

So tracking the great wines is a matter of wide knowledge but also of personal tastes. Making such a list of great wines from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, California etc.. would be inappropriate herein leaving many items out of the list. And it would be unfair to do so.

For example, you can be dedicated to the Bordeaux wines
only or deeply attracted and fond of the Burgundy wines. May be you have a preference for the wines of Italy or Australia ?

For it is true that there will always be great wines in the area(s) you had selected.

Once the area(s) of your choice have been defined, you can now check out what the wines, great wines, best wines in the area are now on offer.

You will then check out that your budget is in line with the prices and whether the vintages available will make you opt for storing your wines or consume them within a reasonable period of time.

Investing in the “best wine” can be an attractive investment in terms of capital but will also make yours friends aware that you have building yourself a reputation in the wine trade !

It is accurate to say that the dearer the wine is, the higher its popularity and prestige will be. As regards Bordeaux, the 1855 classification ordered by the Chamber of Commerce to regional wine brokers is still relevant with its qualitative division between the 1st, 2nds, etc …

Some experts swear by the top 10 rated “Grands Crus Classés “ ( Great Classified Growths ) from Bordeaux, wines you could drink but wines that you could also store since this compulsory custody in a dark cellar will ensure a gain of over 15% per year. Great wines are generally named investment wines too. But it is up to you to decide whether such a custody is mandatory !

So check out magazines, talk to specialists in your town, local brokers to discover what the great wines are. Remember also the auction catalogs and the internet that will allow you, from your living room to discover what the best New World wines are..