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Best Bed And Breakfasts In Seattle

Best Bed And Breakfasts In Seattle

I’ve not been to many places in Washington, but Seattle was one of them. If you ask me the best bed and breakfast has to be the Chambered Nautilus. An elegant Inn by the University of Washington . The Inn is within walking distance to the university. It is perched on a peaceful hill in Seattle’s University District. It is just so beautiful and I recommend it to anyone. Why do I think this little bed and breakfast beats the rest you say? I love little country Inns that make you feel right at home.

It is so peaceful and you can really feel like you are at one with everything. I love it because the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. The colors of the trees are radiant and magnificent. You will definitely feel like a little kid again when you visit this place. Not only is it a great location for the University of Washington, it is a great location for great restaurants, a park, and the well-known Burke-Gilman jogging trail. I really think it is the little things in life that magnify how wonderful everything really is.

Why go to a holiday Inn and waste money just for the “experience”? You can get away from it all and get back to your roots whatever they may be. There are so many features of this little Inn. It gets me excited just talking about it because when life gets you down you should bring yourself back up. How can you do this? There are a number of reasons, go to church, get re-connected to a long lost friend or relative, or for me go to a movie to take your mind off things.

You should at least give this place a visit. It just brings out good in people because it’s a quiet area, filled with romance and love. People who want happiness PAY attention. Buying a candy bar will NOT help in a time of a failing marriage. You ask me why I feel a country Inn will solve your problems. I don’t think it will take care of all of them, but it sure will help. A getaway from work, kids, or temptations would be an extraordinary change for both of you. You can always at least try because its always a bargain when you go there. Other Inns are sometimes nice and often “convenient” to fit our needs. You should go there and visit.

I know I sound like I work there, but I believe in all things, great and small. Try out the little guy in Seattle and you will not be disappointed in any way, shape, or form. When you visit the Chambered Nautilus you will never be sleepless in Seattle ever again!