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Best East Coast Beaches

Best East Coast Beaches

A lot of hoopla is made about the beautiful beaches of the west coast and Hawaii. What is lesser known is that the east coast has many excellent beaches which by no means should be overlooked. If you live near the east coast and are looking for a good beach rental spot to spend your next family vacation, here are 5 top choices you should consider.

1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is perhaps the premier beach on the east coast. Situated in northeastern South Carolina, Myrtle Beach draws around 14.4 million visitors annually. In addition to the beautiful beaches, there are amusement parks for the kids and world-class shopping centers for the girls. As the biggest shopping destination in South Carolina and one of the largest in the Southeastern U.S., you can find almost anything you’d want to buy here. For the boys, there are over 120 golf courses available, which has often led people to call Myrtle Beach the “Gold Capital of the World”.

2. Coney Island

Coney Island has some of the richest history of any beach on the east coast. Although it is called an island, it is now actually a peninsula. Coney Island was once the site of a broad range of amusement theme parks, and there are still a wide variety of rides and attractions still in operation today. Coney Island is an interesting theme park in that it is not centrally owned and managed like Disney World or Six Flags. Instead, it consists of many different businesses who have come together to give visitors a unique experience that they cannot find anywhere else. Besides the beach and the amusements, you’ll be within walking distance of New York City itself.

3. Martha’s Vineyard / Cape Cod

The beaches off of the eastern coast of Massachusetts are some of the most highly sought beaches by the richest, most famous, and most powerful people in the world. Martha’s Vineyard is where the President retreats to when he’d like a little R&R from running the country. Wouldn’t you like to see what all the fuss is about?  Martha’s Vineyard is the largest “true island” off the eastern coast, which means it cannot be accessed by bridge or tunnel. The only way to get there is by boat or plane. Many people come in the summer because the weather rarely exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The actual population of Martha’s Vineyard is rather small, at 15,000, but during the summer months more than 100,000 people live there at any given time. Most socializing is done in people’s homes and on the beach. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing beach getaway in The United States.

4. The Hamptons

Located in the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, this is the most popular beach destination in the state and one of the top beaches in New England. The highlights of this destination include a romantic boardwalk, fresh seafood, an eclectic shopping community, and the world famous Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. This is a great place to hang out after a day at the beach for dancing, gambling, live music, and many other forms of entertainment.

5. Daytona Beach

The beaches in Florida are so beautiful that they alone could have comprised all top 5 spots. Daytona Beach, however, is particularly noteworthy. Although Daytona is perhaps best well known for its status as the headquarters for NASCAR and the location of NASCAR’s most important annual race, more than 8 million people trek here every year for the beach. There are so many hotels, motels, and beach houses here that it is easy to find lodging even during the busiest seasons. One of the most fascinating aspects of Daytona Beach is its hard packed-sand beaches, which allow vehicles to be driven on them.  

If you’re planning a beach vacation to the east coast, you can be rest assured that there are a myriad of options every bit as attractive as the west coast. Whether you are looking to vacation alone, with your lover or your family; whether you want relaxation, shopping or excitement; you’re bound to find a beach destination on the east coast which fits perfectly with your goals.