Best Electric Egg Cooker

The worst part of making hard-boiled eggs is that if the heat isn’t just right, peeling them is always a pain in the butt. With these egg cookers you can rest assured that the job of peeling these eggs for consumption will be made so much easier for you.

So how do you choose the right one? Well you’re going to want to know on average how many eggs you like to make at one time based on the amount of people eating. Know whether or not you care about poaching the eggs or if you want to make omelets with this machine as well. Do you like to use Jumbo eggs? Only some models will fit jumbos so you should take that into consideration as well.

Chef’s Choice 810 Gourmet Egg Cooker

This electric egg cooker prepares 7 eggs at a time, all of which can be set to either be soft, medium or hard-boiled. It comes with a tray which can be propped up with one hand to allow you to also operate your sink and cool the eggs down in one quick motion. The Chef’s Choice 810 cooker is a full stainless steel design it has an electric timer that sounds off when your eggs are done cooking so you can step away if you need. You do not need to pierce the eggs, you simply place them in the cooker with a little olive oil and voila. This machine works with all sizes of eggs including jumbos.

HOMEIMAGE Electric 7 Egg Boiler/Cooker with Stainless Steel Body – HI-702

This cooker also prepares 7 eggs at a time, it comes with a strong steel tray that is non-stick for easy cleaning. Also has an egg poaching tray with a water level indicator. The Homeimage Electric HI-702 operates at 360 watts, which will complete your eggs in approximately 6 minutes. The eggs requiring piercing, the indicator on the machine has a stainless steel pin for piercing the eggs quickly. The purpose of this, is so that the sulfur can be taken from the egg yolk so that it stays yellow and doesn’t turn green on you. It should be noted that this model is see-through as well. So you can view your eggs while they cook.

HOMEIMAGE Electric 7 Egg Cooker and Poacher with Stainless Steel Tray & Lid – HI-70AS

This cooker also prepares 7 eggs at a time and comes with a stainless steel lid and tray for easy cleanup. This machine comes with a measuring cup that has hash marks for indicating 3 levels of hardness for your complete eggs. Boiling soft boiled-eggs takes approximately 6 minutes to complete. This model also has a steel pin near the indicator so that you can pierce the egg. One of the issues that can occur with this model is the buildup of hard water residue, simply use white vinegar to clean the product and it will look like new. This is an upgraded and slightly more expensive version of the HOMEIMAGE HI-702. The other most obvious difference between these two models is that the HI-70AS is full stainless steel and isn’t see-through.

Elite Cuisine EGC-007 MaxiMatic Egg Cooker

The Elite Cuisine is another 7 egg cooker that has a transparent lid. It is very simple with less options to mess with. Simply Place 7 eggs in after filling each egg port with water to the line. There are pins that will pierce the eggs to release the sulfur as with most models. Close the dome and turn it on. This model will cook you perfectly hard-boiled eggs and will shut off automatically when finished. A major issue for this model though… it won’t fit jumbo eggs, unfortunately.

Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer

The Hamilton Beach 25500 steams 7 eggs at a time, or you can poach 3 eggs at a time with the metal poaching tray. The product has a ready timer and a piercing pin built in to release sulfur as with other products. This cooker is effective completing the cooking of your eggs in just 6-8 minutes and there isn’t much to complain about, except for that the finish timer sound is extremely annoying… They should really fix that, but since you’re about to eat your delicious eggs you quickly forget about the high pitched sound that warned you of their completion.

Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker

The Cuisinart CEC-10 is a bigger model then the rest on this list so far. This product cooks 10 eggs at a time. It comes with a 4 egg capacity poaching tray and a 3 egg capacity omelet tray. Another great feature that must be considered is the fact that with so many counter-top appliances that are electric the one major issue you run into after cleaning up the unit itself is that the cord gets extremely dirty or greasy and the cleanup becomes much more difficult for you. You can save yourself the trouble because this model has a built-in place for you to store the cord when you’re not using it.

VonShef Exclusive 7-Egg Electric Egg Cooker Stainless Steel + Poacher & Steamer Attachment

The Vonshef 7-Egg electric cooker, you guessed it cooks 7 eggs at a time. It has a very sleek design making it look so miniature. Supposedly it is for efficiency sake, which might be true this model does tend to finish your eggs in about 5-6 minutes, which is slightly faster than the previous models. The heating tray itself is stainless steel on this model which makes cleanup so easy. If cleanup is your major issue then this model might be for you.

KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator, 7-Eggs capacity, White

The KRUPS F23070 boils 7 eggs, and comes with two separate trays for poaching or making omelets. The cooking plate is 400 watts and comes with a 2 year worldwide warranty. There is sound that plays when your eggs are done and one nice and simple feature this one has that the others don’t surprisingly is a “warm” setting. Like with a rice cooker if you’re not going to eat those eggs immediately you can keep them warm and ready for when the kids walk in from school for example, you won’t need to time everything perfectly.

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker-GREEN

It’s time to go green! This model has 6 slots for boiled eggs and let’s be honest… 7 eggs? Come on, cooking 6 this way breaks down your dozen in half leaving another 6 for next time. It will soft, medium or hard boil in under 12 minutes, which is a little longer than the others the difference is this one is guaranteed BPA free for those who are careful about chemicals and are green minded. The Green will poach up to 2 eggs and does have a scrambling omelet tray. These attachments are fully dishwasher safe.

Dash DEC005BK Rapid Egg Cooker, Black

This model is cheap, but cooks just like the expensive models. It cooks 6 eggs just like the previous dash and gets the job done in under 6 minutes. Everything is totally dishwasher safe and this egg cooker does not require you to wait for water to boil. It will get the job done, super fast. Another great thing to mention is that this model is so convenient and compact. You only have so much counter space to work with and unless you’re crazy about eggs, the idea of giving up precious space for an egg cooker specifically can sometimes seem ridiculous, but this unit gets the job done fast with no hassle, is easily cleaned and is very compact. It is also cheaper than other models, so you really can’t beat this little thing.

To be quite honest unless you’re an egg fanatic then the Dash DEC005BK Black is the way to go. Even for an egg fanatic you still might want this model, but you can’t beat the space it saves and the convenience.

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