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After a long day at work, everyone wants to relax and relieve any form of stress or fatigue. Since professional therapists may not always be around whenever you need to be massaged, the best option may be acquiring a good quality foot massager. Besides making your feet to feel better, the device increases blood circulation to your feet, which in turn improves the flow of essential nutrients to the body cells.

It also helps in removing harmful toxins from the body. With so many brands of foot massagers available on the market today, you need to find a good quality device that will guarantee you the best results.

How to Choose the Best Foot Massager

Before you decide to purchase a foot massager, there are various key factors to consider. The most critical aspect is its massaging action as this is what impacts the effect of the massage. Some massagers use vibration, some use kneading, lifting and rubbing while others combine different actions to give you a unique massaging experience. Another important aspect to consider is the size. The unit should be able to accommodate your feet. Besides this, a compact unit is always favored as it is easily portable and takes up minimal space when stored. Some massagers have heating options which help to loosen muscles and prevent cramping. Moreover, a device that allows you to choose the level of the massaging intensity can enable you to adjust the unit to suit your needs.

A Look at the Reviews

It is quite common to find top quality foot massagers among the top rated and bestselling products on sites such as Amazon. It is on such platforms where you can find customer reviews of different products. Here, customers are allowed to rate and review the products based on their personal experiences. You can therefore use such reviews to determine which foot massaging unit will meet your needs. Below are the top 10 best foot massagers Reviews.

Kendal Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager

This is a multifunctional device massager which features the kneading massage, shiatsu massage, vibration, the rolling as well as the heating functions. The unit has four message discs on the calf and eight discs on the foot for all-round massaging. It is ergonomically designed so as to target the most sensitive points on the sole and calf. The calf massage and foot massage can each work independently, hence you can choose both or one of them. Moreover, the massager can be operated using the remote control or touch panel on the unit.

The Soothera Wooden-Spindle Foot Massager

This is a manual but high performance massager that can do its job perfectly well. It is the most ideal unit for achy feet and tired arches. The massager normally comes with the foot chart which enables you to locate the pressure points easily. The design includes wooden balls, which moves independently for greater massage results. The soft pads that are located on its base helps in holding it in place. Moreover, there is no installation required for this unit.

The Foot-Vibe Vibration Massager

If you need relaxing vibrations for aching feet and legs, this is the massager for you. The unit allows you to adjust the heat or turn up its frequency for a more customized and relaxing massage. Its design features reflexology nodules, which help to stimulate your sole for enhanced relaxation. The device allows you to use the automatic programs or put your own settings manually. You can adjust its heat control for deep heat therapy to your joints or muscles.

The 3Q MGC-11 Foot and Calf Massager]

This foot massager uses kneading discs to massage the ankles, calves and feet. Its extra strong kneading action is able to penetrate deeper into your muscles for a more relaxing sensation. The device has pressure nodes on the sole, which helps to stimulate the reflex points so as to relax the entire body. Moreover, it has three vibration modes and three kneading massage programs for you to choose from. The combination of the vibratory and kneading actions guarantees you the most relaxing experience.

The SPT AB762R Reflexology Foot Massager

This is another high performance massager which soothes aching feet by delivering percussion and kneading actions. You simply need to put your feet on the unit’s foot bed and experience the comfort of a three dimensional massage. Vibrating percussion on the acu-points of your soles, the kneading on the sides combined with the all-round infrared heating helps in promoting blood circulation and releasing tension. All these combined help in relieving stress on the entire body.

Sunny Health and Fitness Foot Massager

This is a fashionable massager that features a stylish design and auto pre-set functions for easier usage. Its 3D high frequency vibrations are available in 15 different levels, allowing you to select the level which works best for you. Its six infrared heat levels help in improving blood circulation and keeping the feet warm and comfortable. Moreover, the unit has eight built-in magnetic wave levels and a calorie indicator.

The Shiatsu Kneading & Rolling Foot Massager

This is another outstanding foot massager featuring an ergonomic design, which normally targets the sensitive points on your sole and calf regions. These are the key points which correspond to the nerve system. The unit allows you to choose any of the automatic program modes, which include the rolling, kneading and massaging combinations, which allow for reflexology therapies to various body organs. Alternatively, you can select the manual mode so as to target specific areas with different massaging directions and adjustable speeds. The pressure nodes located under the sole help in stimulating vital reflexology pressure points as well as improving blood circulation. The unit allows for both remote control and handy touch-panel operation.

Homedics FMS270H Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you want a deep and relaxing massage to sooth your feet, this is the best device to use. It is a versatile massager that gives you total control of the massaging process. The unit features six rotational heads, eighteen massage notes as well as soothing heat, which guarantees you a perfect shiatsu experience. Moreover, the device allows for toe-control, an aspect that makes its operation simple and straight forward.

The UComfy Leg, Foot, Calf, & Ankle Massager

This is an exclusive foot massager which offers simultaneous massage for the ankles, calves and feet. The device works by stimulating blood circulation, hence warming and preparing your muscles. This unit combines the kneading and vibratory action to give you a revitalizing and relaxing massage experience. Besides using the pre-programmed settings, you also have the option of creating your own custom settings. The massager uses special nodes in order to stimulate those areas in your feet which correspond with other body parts, enabling you to achieve total body relaxation.

The MediMassager Variable-Speed Foot Massager

Based on the reviews, this is the best foot massager on the market. The device features an eleven-speed motor control, starting from 1000rpm to 3700rpm for optimum comfort. The massager is specially designed for clinical as well as therapeutic use. This special unit works by stimulating blood circulation, easing muscle tension and alleviating joint pain and swelling. It also has a foot pad, which is inclined at an angle to offer you maximum comfort when massaging.


Seeking professional messaging services can be costly and inconveniencing, especially if you are a busy person. If you need convenient and relaxing massaging right from the comfort of your home, purchasing a foot massager may be the way to go. The unit uses different mechanisms to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and improve the health of your feet and the entire body. They will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you want to have the best massaging experience, the above foot massager reviews can help you to find the best unit to meet your needs.

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