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Gardening is a very interesting activity, with numerous benefits to the environment. You can also do it as a hobby, pastime activity or a form of exercise. Whether you do gardening for its monetary benefits or any other reason and want to have the best experience when doing it, you will need certain essential gardening accessories.

And that is where gardening carts come in. A gardening cart is an important device that has been designed to ensure easier transportation of heavy equipment and tools. This helps to lower back injuries and minimize energy expenditure irrespective of the gardening project that you are handling.

How to Choose the Right Garden Cart

Before purchasing the best garden cart, there are several critical factors you must consider. First, you need a large capacity cart that can hold relatively heavy loads without collapsing under the weight. It should have a perfect dumping mechanism to allow for easier offloading of your items or supplies. It needs to have strong tires that can move on different surfaces easily and smoothly. Moreover, you should look for a versatile cart that is made of strong and rust-resistant materials for effective and prolonged service. It should also be easy to use.

A Look at Reviews

There are numerous good quality garden carts currently on the market, which you can use while gardening. Most of these carts are also the bestselling and top-rated products, with the highest number of positive reviews on top ecommerce platforms including Amazon. The reviews are mainly from customers who have had a chance to use the products. You can therefore base on such reviews to determine the kind of product that best suits your needs. Below are the top ten best garden cart in the reviews:

Gorilla GOR-866D Garden Cart

This is a good quality garden cart that you can purchase for less than 150-dollars. It is a high performance cart with so many advanced features that are meant to provide you with the best experience when using it. The device normally comes with the patented quick release dump, which enables you to dump the waste easily. The cart features a steel frame and a 25 inch by 40 inch rust-resistant poly bed with a black finish, which can last for a very long time. Other features include the 13 inch tires, which can work well on all surfaces. It has a 1200pound hauling capacity, which is one of the best. Its 1 year limited warranty is the best assurance of its quality.

Gorilla Carts GOR-200B Garden Cart

If you are searching for a high performance yet affordable garden cart, this is the cart for you. It comes with a high capacity 20 inch by 36 inch rust-resistant poly-bed, with the ability to accommodate a lot of things. Its padded straight-handle makes it easy to pull the device while the pneumatic turf tires can tackle all terrains. Ideally, the cart can move heavy supplies, while its patented quick-release dump feature helps to make the unloading much easier and faster. It is a decent cart that comes with a 600-pound hauling capacity and a one-year limited warranty.

The Step-2 Company Garden Hopper

In case you want a smaller but affordable cart, this Step-2 Company Garden Hopper will be the best choice for you. It is an affordable cart with numerous features to give you the best experience when using it. The device features seven-inch smooth rolling-wheels for easier mobility. Its design also includes a seat-handle for easier lifting and transportation. Other important features of the device include the large storage-shelf, where you can easily store many useful items or supplies. Moreover, the cart normally comes when it is fully assembled.

Mac-Sports Folding Utility Wagon Garden Cart

This is a very popular garden cart with numerous positive testimonials from people who have used it. The affordable device features a solid frame construction, which is well designed to ensure that it lasts long. Its design includes a strong, sturdy and extremely durable 600-denie polyester fabric. Other important features of the cart include the 150lbs weight capacity, which is ideal for most of the gardens. Moreover, it can fold compactly and conveniently for easier storage. It is also quite easy to set up.

Suncast LC1250D Garden Cart

This is the best cart to use if own a relatively small garden. It is an affordable cart that goes for less than 30-dollars. It is a very nice cart which helps you to carry decent amount of stuff. Moreover, the cart comes with a strong and sturdy construction which is extremely durable with many benefits. Other features of the cart include the seven-inch wheels, with a metal axel for effortless transportation. It is just one of the best garden carts available on the market.

Delux Tractor Scoot Garden Cart

This is a versatile and affordable cart that comes with numerous benefits. It is a very popular cart with numerous positive testimonials from people who have used it. The device features a swiveling and pneumatic tires which are perfect for all surfaces. It can be used for many different purposes including gardening, washing tires and painting low spots. The item is made of powder-coated tubular steel and has a weight capacity of 400-lbs. Moreover, it allows you to work from a seated-position, thus making it easy on your knees and back.

Polar Trailer 9393 Garden Cart

This is a very sought after cart on the market and there is so much you can get out of it. The device is easy to maneuver and is perfect for both big and small jobs. It has a 600-lbs weight capacity, one of the largest capacities for garden carts. Other important features include; a steel frame with powder-coated finish, which is designed for durability and stability. It also comes with a quick-release tipper latch for easier dumping.

Recycle Garden Cart for Recycle Bins

This versatile device that is quite budget friendly. The device normally comes with top quality corrosion-resistant hardware, which makes it ideal for multiple purposes. It comes with virgin rubber and 1 inch wide tread, which makes loading easier. Other important features of the cart include an 8mm steel axle, which increases its frame strength and provide stability. Its comfortable form handle is UV-protected and eases hand Strain under a heavy load.

Precision NCDS-1000 Garden Cart

This a good quality yet affordable cart that is perfect for any landscaping or yard projects. It comes with a metal tray, hence you can store or carry heavy items without the feature of the device collapsing under the heavy weight. The cart’s 3-position drop site design makes it easy for you to comfortably unload your stuff. It also has a handle and perfect wheels, which makes it extremely easy to move the device around.

Agri-Fab 450345 Garden Cart

This is the best garden card based on the 2015 reviews. It is a high quality cart with numerous outstanding features that offer you the best experience when using it. For instance, its design includes a convertible push-with-tow cart, which is meant to reduce customer’s fatigue, ensure easier loading, hauling & dumping. Its pneumatic rib wheels with 5/8 inch diameter axles, makes it easy to transport. Moreover, its 3 year warranty is a clear assurance of its high performance and good quality. Moreover, its poly-bed is quiet and rust-resistant.


A garden cart is a very important gardening accessory, which can help you to enjoy your gardening experience on a daily basis. With so many garden cart models entering the market on a daily basis, finding the best one to meet your gardening needs can be challenging. However, there are certain key features you need to look out for. For instance, a good cart should be versatile, easy to assemble, rust-resistant and made of strong material. The above cart reviews can help you to select the best gardening cart to use.

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