Best Multichannel Car Amplifier

Getting the right amplifier for your car audio system can be quite difficult. It can even be harder for someone who is new to the industry. Note that you can purchase an amplifier then build your audio system around it. Alternatively, you can select other components first and later get the most suitable amplifier to power those components. A multichannel amplifier is the best type of amplifier to use on a car audio system as it will get the right amount of power to the speakers and subwoofers. Moreover, it will ensure that you get a good quality sound from your car audio system.

How to Choose the Best Multichannel Car Amplifier

When shopping around for a multichannel amplifier for your car audio system, there are various things to consider. The first thing should be the quality. A good multichannel amplifier should have high-level inputs as well as high and low-pass filters to ensure delivery of quality sound. To keep it from excessive heating, it needs a perfect cooling mechanism, which helps to keep its temperature under control. It should also be possible to switch between different channel modes to suit your needs. Size is another aspect that cannot be ignored. A compact amplifier is always the best where there is limited space for mounting.

A Look at the Reviews

Most top quality multichannel amplifiers are also best sellers on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. You can easily gauge the quality of a product by looking at the reviews and ratings from customers, who have had a one-on-one experience with these products. This can help you to choose the best amplifier for your car audio system. Below are the top 10 best multichannel car amplifiers in reviews:

Rockford Fosgate R250 X 4 Prime 4 Channel Amplifier

This is a compact four-channel amplifier with a class A/B circuit topology and is ideal for anyone who wants one amplifier to run the complete audio system. The amplifier can work on both the aftermarket and factory car receivers, and has a selectable Punch Bass for tuning low frequencies. It also features variable crossovers to protect high frequency speakers or feed only bass to the subwoofers. Its pass-thru hacks can help in daisy-chaining another amplifier. The amplifier can drive speakers with 40-watts RMS each. You can also switch it to the 2-channel mode which can run several subs with 125-watts RMS each. It’s heavy cast-aluminum chassis helps to draw any damaging heat away from the internal components, which ensures a long-term reliable play.

BOSS Audio R-2504 Riot 1000 Watts Full Range Class A/B 4-Channel 2-8Ohm Stable Amplifier

This is a versatile full range amplifier with class A/B typology, designed to enable you run both the speakers and subwoofers. The device uses the MOSFET power supply, an electrical switch with 2-possible states: on/off, to allow the flow of electrical current through it. Although it is a 4-channel amplifier, you can switch to the 3 or 2-channel modes to suit your needs. With this amplifier, you can get variable bass boost, a feature that gives you total control of how much bass you want your subwoofers to produce. The amplifier has LED-power and protection indicators and always comes with a remote subwoofer level control.

ACDelco 25796753-GM Original Equipment Radio Speaker Multichannel Amplifier

This is another high performance amplifier which works by increasing the current signal or the power of a given voltage. It amplifies the signal then sends it to the speakers which produce a rich sound. The amplifier offers durability, reliability and quality. In fact, it can effectively replace your vehicle’s original audio system. The device always comes with a one year warranty. This allows you to return it for repair or replacement in case of malfunctioning due to poor workmanship from the manufacturer.

Rockford Fosgate R600 X5 Prime 5 Channel Amplifier

This is a 5-channel amplifier that accepts both the RCA level and high level input. The amplifier has been specially designed to run a whole car audio system. It can drive up to four speakers, each with 50 watts RMS, while powering a 300 watts RMS subwoofer. Moreover, you can bridge it to the 2-channel mode depending on your needs. You can also use the punch boost option to get optimal performance from the speakers and subwoofers. The speaker-level input allows you to hook the amplifier to many other systems, including a factory stereo. The heavy cast-aluminum chassis helps to draw damaging heat away from the internal components, hence ensuring optimum performance.

Clarion Mobile Electronics XC-1410 D-Class 4 Channel Amplifier

This is a high performance micro-sized 4-channel amplifier that can fit almost anywhere. The amplifier delivers 50watts RMS per channel. Its circuit has been designed to prevent any damage to the system and resist the electronic noise using selectable high-pass filters. This enables you to enjoy clean and distortion-free music. The device has high-level inputs, which enable you to hook it up to different systems including factory stereos, which do not have the RCA-type connections.

JBL MA6004 4 Channel Full-Range Marine Amplifier

This is a class AB 4-channel amplifier designed with a marine certified circuit board that can withstand tough conditions. The device uses the high-output MOSFET power supply, which ensures optimal power delivery with low distortion. It normally comes outfitted with the 12dB per-octave electronic crossover, which allows you to optimize the system tuning. The amplifier has full range outputs which facilitate multiple hookups without any need for Y-adapters or signal splitters.

Rockford Fosgate PBR-300X2 Punch 300Watt 2 Channel Boosted Rail Amplifier

This is a compact yet powerful 2-channel amplifier, which uses boosted rail technology to generate a lot of power for optimal performance. The device puts out 100watts RMS, each to one pair of speakers. You can also set it to the one-channel mode, which allows you to drive a subwoofer with 300watts. Moreover, the device has been designed with the 12dB per-octave electronic crossover, which allows you to optimize the system tuning. The extruded aluminum heat sink together with a dynamic thermal management system help in keeping the amplifier’s temperatures under control. It also has the option of a wired remote control.

Rockford Fosgate R400-4D 400-Watt Full-Range Class-D 4 Channel Amplifier

This is another powerful yet versatile class-D amplifier that puts out 75watts RMS to each full-range speaker or component. The amplifier can be bridged to the 2-channel mode, which allows you to drive one pair of subwoofers. The high and low-pass filters together with the Punch bass boost enables you to tune the speakers for maximum performance. The device uses the high-output MOSFET power supply to ensure optimal power delivery.

Rockford Fosgate PBR-300X4 Punch BRT 300Watt Ultra Compact 4 Channel Amplifier

This is a compact 300watts full-range four-channel amplifier designed for compact systems. The device uses the ultra-efficient Boosted Tail Technology, which generates 300watts of power and is extremely easy to install into an OEM system. The amplifier uses selectable high and low-pass filters to deliver well-tuned high-quality sound. The dynamic and advanced thermal management cooling system combines with an extruded aluminum sink to keep the amplifier’s temperature under control. The design also includes the MOSFET output stage.

BOSS Audio R-6002 Riot 1200watts Full Range Class A/B 2-Channel 2-8 Ohm Stable Amplifier

This is the best multichannel amplifier according to the 2015 reviews. It is a high-performance class A/B 2-channel amplifier, which uses a specific linear circuitry to reduce distortion and increase the power output and sound quality. This device also has a bridgeable output option, hence you can switch it to the single-channel mode. The amplifier comes with a wired remote subwoofer-level control, which is mountable for easier access. This enables you to control the subwoofer’s output level for optimal sound.


Although there are many multichannel amplifiers on the market, you can always tell a good amplifier by looking at the way it is assembled, the internal and external components, input and output qualities as well as the performance. It should be effective, versatile and safe to use. The above reviews can help you to choose the best multichannel amplifier for your car audio system.

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