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When you travel often in dark areas, your smartphone isn’t bright enough, or the battery can run low quite quickly. Fortunately, there are many pocket flashlights which are durable and very affordable. These flashlights, although small enough to fit in your pocket, will give you all the light that you need to see by.

You can always feel safe that you won’t stumble or lose your way when you carry one with you. Choosing only the best will do, so we have compiled the top 10 best pocket flashlights reviews below for you to look at.

Power Lite 3 LED Crank Light by Garrity

This light which is great for emergencies can be turned on with just a few turns of the handle. You can take it anywhere and it is always ready to go no matter how long it has been between uses. Press the power button, crank the handle and watch it light up. It features three very bright LED bulbs that give you up to one hour of bright light for each minute of cranking. Plus, the light has a rechargeable NiMH battery that never needs to be replaced. It also features a rubberized grip, magnifying lens which casts a bright beam and compact housing.

7-in-1 Survival Whistle/Flashlight by SE

This great little gadget is perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, travel, outdoor activities, survival kits and emergency kits. It is compact and lightweight so it will easily fit in your pocket, survival pack, backpack or purse for easy transportation and storage. It can also hang from your wrist, neck or gear with the included lanyard. This device features seven useful tools, including a bright white LED flashlight, plus a magnifier, safety whistle, mirror for signaling, thermometer in Celsius and Fahrenheit and compass. It also includes a storage container and large button cell batteries for a long life.

Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight by Streamlight

This pen flashlight features a high flux, super bright ½ watt LED light, and has a lifetime of around thirty thousand hours. It features a micro optical system which encourages maximized run time and output. The flashlight is corrosion proof and also has a waterproof construction and a polycarbonate lens that is unbreakable. It also includes a pocket clip so you can easily attach it to your clothes.

Mini Zoomable LED Flashlight by UltraFire

This very affordable pocket flashlight is a bestselling product that will provide you with a very bright output of up to 300 lumens. The item is very versatile and will work with AA, lithium 14500 or NiMH batteries. Other included features include a waterproof design and a skid-proof design, making this a very useful light.

Tactical LED Flashlight by ThorFire

This penlight features a powerful LED bulb and includes a clip for easy carrying. Lightweight and compact, it is very portable and is about the size of a marker pen. It will easily fit in your backpack, pocket, tool bag or purse or clip it to your pocket. It runs on just one AAA battery which is not included and has three modes – moonlight, high and low for general purpose use at home and in the garage. It is also bright enough for use while camping, outdoor use and hiking.

Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight by Streamlight

This little light will easily attack to just about anything with a key ring or pocket clip. It has a one to eight hour run time and is constructed of machined aircraft grad aluminum with an anodized finish. It uses four alkaline button cell batteries and includes four white LED bulbs with ten lumens. This light is waterproof and also includes a snap hook which does not rotate for simple one handed operation when it is attached to a keychain.

MD20 LED Flashlight by OxyLED

This pocket-sized flashlight has a very high output. The three outputs, including Strobe, can be used for outdoor and professional use. The multiple choices of batteries this light can use make it easy for you to use it. Plus, the zoomable function is quite practical when you need a light for various scenarios. It has a body clip for easy carrying and is water resistant.

AAA Solitaire Flashlight by MagLite

With this flashlight from MagLite you can choose from three different ways to light your path. The high-intensity light beam will change from a flood to a spot light with just the twist of your wrist. The construction is rugged aluminum and will give you years of reliable use. This light is also shock and water-resistant and comes in three sizes – 3”, 6” and 10”, so you will have all your lighting needs covered. All of these lights feature a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

140 Lumens Super Bright Clipstrip LED Flashlight by Cliplight

This affordable light is a bestselling item and has a brighter light than many other pocket lights. It’s great for power outages, roadside emergencies and reading. Other great features include a magnetic clip and this light is also water-resistant and shockproof. It comes with 3 AAA batteries and can give you up to twelve hours of bright light.

Mini Keychain LED Flashlight T Series by ThruNite

This very popular flashlight has an almost perfect consumer rating and comes with a twenty plus year lifespan of running time, making it well worth your money. It has a twist switch design which means you can operate it easily with just one hand, and it is small and lightweight so it is made to lower user fatigue.

Pocket flashlights come in handy in many different situations. If you are in need of one than choosing from the above list will ensure you get a quality one.

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