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Push ups can be used to target your chest, shoulders, and back muscles, as well as improving your upper body, arms, legs, and stomach. Using push up bars runs rings around regular floor push ups by allowing your trunk to lower down to the floor more, increasing motion range and improving exercise routines. It is also more forgiving on your hands and wrists. We’ve reviewed the top ten best push up bars here:

GoFit Push-Up Bars

These high resin plastic push up bars are lightweight and are easy to pull apart and assemble again in seconds, making them perfect for traveling with. Despite their cheaper, plastic build, one customer on Amazon reported that after 9.5 years of regular use, the bars are still going strong (with the exception of the foam padding which completely fell apart after 6.5 years). However, if you’re a heavier person, you may find they won’t last as long. The foam padding is also a little thin and can become uncomfortable after multiple sets with high reps.

Valeo Push Up Bars

These Valeo push up bars are sturdy despite being made of plastic. The foam grips are surprisingly good quality for the price of the bars and the angled handle bars reduce stress on your wrists which is a big plus. The bars are lightweight, weighing almost nothing so they are great for portability. However, the separate pieces, when put together, are slightly unstable.

Lift Stronger Anti Slip Pushup Bars

These bars have a unique-looking design that prioritises extra-strong floor grip so that they won’t shift when you are training. The grip is padded and extra comfy so that it doesn’t hurt or strain your wrists. Keep in mind though that the bars are made of plastic and don’t feel very solid during push ups. This model comes with a lifetime warranty.

Elite Sportz Equipment Push Up Bar

This push up bar features rotating handles that help get rid of the wrist pain you may experience with traditional push up bars. The handles don’t dig into your hands, even with a fair amount of pressure. The rotation is smooth thanks to a steel ball bearing system. They are still compact enough to take anywhere you want to work out. As a bonus, it even comes with a skipping rope. That said, these bars seem to be a bit cheaply made but are still good value for their low price.

Fuel Pureformance Push Up Bars

The Fuel Pureformance push up bars are lightweight yet strong and don’t shift around while you’re exercising. They are easy on your wrist and are comfortable to use, even when the padding begins to wear down after lots of use. The option to quickly take them apart makes it easy to throw them into a bag and transport. The padding on the handles may feel like it’s going to move around a bit and may need to wrapped in some tape if necessary.

Push up Stand Bar for Workout Exercise

These steel bars are one of the sturdiest you’ll find on the market. The are extra wide and extra high, offering a greater range of motion and allowing for dips for your triceps and various other push up positions. However, the height can’t be adjusted so they are strictly an extra high bar.

CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

These push up bars are padded so it’s kinder on your hands and wrists compared to floor push ups. Unlike similar priced models that are made of plastic, these have a quality, chrome-plated metal construction while still being lightweight. The hard, rubber footpads do their job at gripping and won’t slip like others tend to. However, the cheaper foam around the handle is sturdy enough not to tear but can become uncomfortable on your hands after a few hundred pushups.

Push Up Bar from Gorilla Fitness

The issue with plastic push up bars is their potential to crack or snap under your weight. These bars completely get rid of that problem with their solid, steel construction. The grips are padded to keep your hands comfortable but seem cheap enough to eventually tear at some point down the road so be prepared to replace the padding. Customers report the customer service for these bars is absolutely exceptional and on top of their one year guarantee, you’ll be well looked after.

Push Up Bars by FreestyleFitness

The high-grade foam handles on these push up bars is durable and very soft, alleviating the pressure on your wrists and decreasing strain. They are made of sturdy stainless steel and should last you for years. Despite their solid build, you can easily break them down for storage or travelling.

Maximiza Push-up Bars

A major problem with most push up bars is the foam padding for your hands is cheaply made and becomes uncomfortable very quickly. These bars have a quality, comfortable grip which comes in two sizes: 22mm for lighter people, women, and smaller hands, and 25mm for heavier people, men, and larger hands. The bars are made of quality chrome steel with no unstable joins, welds, or pieces and there’s no assembly required. Each bar supports up to 220 pounds yet they are portable and light. Their unique shape allows them to stay firmly planted on the ground and they won’t move with each push up.

Select a push up bar based on sturdiness, durability, and comfort. The right bar will allow you to keep training without unneccasary wrist and hand discomfort. We hope we’ve made the choice easier for you.

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