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Best Toilet Seat Reviews

best-toilet-seatToilet seats come in all sizes & shapes. Even you can choose all the accessories according to your requirements that come with them.

According to your budget, features required by you, there are plenty of options out here for you. Best product is that product which meets your requirements within your budget.

Toilet seats consist of two basic parts that is toilet cover & seat itself which are connected to a hinge.

The seats are available with variety of colors and materials including plastic, wood, steel & porcelain that full fill our decorating requirements. You can select designs, shape & material according to your own taste.


Top 5 Rated Toilet Seats Comparison


Bemis 7800TDG000 Toilet Seat

Bemis Manufacturing Company has been working since 1901. This is U.S.A based company with worldwide branches & have 1,600 employees located in six countries around the world. This is well known brand for quality products in toilets.

Bemis Toilet Seat is an elongated seat made up of molded wood material which provides stability & durability. This is an easy to remove & easy to clean toilet seat. Some important feature of this is following:-

  • This is with DuraGuard® antimicrobial feature which protect seat from the micro-organisms growth.
  • STA-TITE® Commercial Fastening System with ease install & never loosens
  • Commercial grade Heavy duty solid plastic seat
  • Light weight seat which is only 5.9 pounds.
  • With 1 year limited warranty.
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Brondell L60-EW Toilet Seat

Brondell Inc. founded in 2003. This company makes Eco-friendly, innovative, high quality bath & home products.

Brondell L60-EW Toilet Seat is with LumaWarm heated nightlight. This seat provides comfort of a heated seat & also has a feature of nightlight for using toilet in midnight. We can operate this LED light just with a single On/Off button. This is very easy to install. Some of more important features are following:

  • Seat has 3 adjustable temperature settings {off­ / low – 97F, mid – 100F, high – 104F} for comfort use all the year.
  • Elongated Shape for easy installation on modern toilets.
  • Inbuilt illuminating nightlight (blue color) with on/off button
  • Long lasting & energy efficient LED light bulb
  • Indicator lights for power and seat temp
  • Controls with single touch push button
  • Seat and lid with gentle closing feature
  • Power consumption only 55 Watts
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty
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Toto SS114#01 Toilet Seat

Toto is USA based company which has been in market since 1912. This brand is known for its best quality toilets.

Toto Toilet Seat is one of the top best toilet seats. This seat has ergonomic design that means user friendly design for more comfortable use. These seats made up of high impact plastic. This seat has easy installation. Some more features which makes this best:

  • Solid & high impact plastic material is used
  • In built Soft Close hinge system which helps seat in quite & gentle close.
  • In this seat installation & mounting hardware is included
  • Plastic molded Bumpers into the lid and seat which is modern technique
  • One year limited warranty
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American Standard 5325.010.222 Champion Toilet Seat

American standard makes best quality bathroom products. This Brand provides style & performance in every product. American Standard 5325.010.222 Champion Toilet Seat is one of the best products of this company.

This is an elongated shape seat made up of duroplast material. Slow close lid system is used in this seat which makes this model unique and this lid is removable which is easy for cleaning. Features of this seat:

  • Elongated shape seat made up of solid plastic material (Duroplast)
  • User can remove hinges easily without any tools while cleaning the toilet
  • Slow close function is one of the main features of American Standard seats which prevent seat from noise.
  • We can easy install this seat on any standard elongated toilet
  • One of the main uniqueness of this seat is lifetime limited warranty.
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KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Toilet Seat

Kohler is known for their best quality bathroom products. Everyone preferred Kohler for luxury bathroom products. Kohler products are always famous for there unique designs & look.

Cachet Toilet Seat is Kohler’s top toilet seat. This seat is most rated toilet seat because of its design, quite close & quite release features. Some important features of this seat are below:

  • This seat Made of solid plastic material named polypropylene
  • Q3 Advantage seat design which ensure proper fitting of seat on a number of toilets with different shapes
  • Cachet Quiet-Close lid feature by which we can close lid slowly only with a slightest touch
  • In built grip tight bumpers for more stability
  • Plastic Hinges with matching color of seat
  • Limited warranty of 1 year.
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Best Toilet Seat Buying Guide


Best Toilet Seat Buying GuideWe try to cover all about best toilet seat. For this we visit several sites & checked customer reviews of different sites about Best Toilet Seats. This definitely helps you in finding a top rated Toilet Seat for your toilet. If any important parameter left in this post please write us. Your feedback is important for us.

Toilet Seat Shapes

If we talk about European shapes these are commonly three types: Traditional Rounded Nose, Traditional Pointed Nose & D Shape. In USA mainly rounded & elongated shapes are used. So we can select seat shape according to our requirements which differs according to area in which we are living. According to use we can divide toilet seat shapes in following types:

Open Front Seat

This is a most common shape which is used in public restrooms (Hospital, Airport etc.). This looks like a U. Different people have different views on this shape. Some of them say that during male urination it protects toilet from drips, other says that less able persons can clean easily with help of this shape.

Children Seat

This seat accommodates both child & adult equally. This is especially designed to hold toddlers, so they can use this seat with more confidence. When you no longer need it, you can easily remove the child seat.

Elevated or Raised toilet seat

This type of seat is very important for the patient with back trouble or patient with serious surgery. With the help of this seat we can increase height of the bowl, it helps user in getting up.

Toilet Seat Materials

Today’s toilet seats are available in market is made up of various materials like plastic, wood, metal, ceramic etc. You can choose material according to your requirement. On the behalf of basic material we can differentiate toilet seats into two parts.

Plastic Toilet Seats

Plastic seats are more popular & comfortable. These are easy to clean as compare to other material seats. Plastic seats are of light weight. Plastic toilet seats are affordable. Three types of plastic seats are available in the market:

Thermoset (duroplast, thermodur) Plastic Seats

This material is unscratchable. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It looks like brand new even after years of use. It gives graceful look as it made up of ceramic. Thermoset material protect seat from cigarette burns. Different color options are also available in market. The print is “burnt” into the seat material which provides long life look. This material is also known as “antibacterial” material.

Thermoplastic (polypropylene) Plastic Seats

This material has shiny look. This is unbreakable material. The cost of material is not high so prices of these seats are generally low. This gives plastic look instead of ceramic. This is main disadvantage of this material.

Resine Plastic Seats

These days for in all luxury bathrooms resin toilet seats are famous than the normal seats. By the use of this material manufacturer can give any color. Seats with this material sometimes made with bright pattern or scenes or with pictures built into the seat surface.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Seat made up of wood can be painted cheaply & easily because wood is natural material. Wood material for toilet seat is very much used in china. In winter plastic seats are colder than wooden seats. A well-made wood toilet seat has long life. The main disadvantage of wooden toilet seat is that it soaks moisture, which causes eventually crack. Wooden toilet seat is made up of two types of materials which are:

MDF (Compressed/ Molded) Wooden Toilet Seats

MDF full form is Medium Density Fiber board. We also called them compressed wood seats because seats consist of pressed wood fibers. Because of multiple layer coating this is more hygienic, easy to clean & more comfortable. The coloring of these seats is normally handmade.

Natural or Solid Wood Toilet Seats

Bamboo & wood (Mahogany, Oak, & pine) are used in these types of seats. These are natural material products which gives natural look to toilet seat. Durability of the seat depends on the quality of wood & coating process. In UK market these types of seats are mostly used.

Plastic seats are easier to clean than a toilet seat of wooden material. Wooden material seats are often very heavy as compare to plastic seats. Wood can be painted cheaply & easily. Wooden seats are good for winter as compare to plastic because plastic is bit colder than wooden.


Hinges are main part of a toilet seat. As we discussed earlier that Hinges connects toilet seat’s basic parts. Today’s most seats come with all necessary parts, like hinges and bolts. We can diversify hinges on various bases. Some of more important are Material, Adjustability, Closing softness & Fitting.

Material Used In Toilet Seat Hinges

While making Hinges companies are using different type of materials. But commonly used materials in making hinges are plastic & stainless steel.

Plastic Hinges

Generally plastic hinges are made of polypropylene or nylon. Plastic hinges are cheaper than other material hinges. These hinges are also available in market with several color options. So user can find color hinges matching with seat also. Plastic hinges are less durable than metal hinges.

Metal or Stainless Steel

Hinges made up of metal are more durable. These are little bit costly than plastic hinges. One main thing is to check the quality of stainless steel hinges as these remains in touch with water these can be rusted easily if quality is not good.

Adjustability of Hinges

On the bases of toilet seat adjustability we can divide hinges into two basic types:

Adjustable Hinges

In adjustable toilet seats mostly hinges comes with the seat. These types of hinges provide flexibility to seat. By using these hinges we can move seat left/right and back-/forward.

Fix Seat Hinges

As name describes itself this allows only fix position to seat on the pan. These are not adjustable.

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