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Boilermaker Beer Chaser Jimmy And Guinney

Boilermaker Beer Chaser Jimmy And Guinney

A Jimmy and Guinney is a specific boilermaker drink combination consisting of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Guinness, an Irish Stout. A boilermaker is a combination of a shot and a beer, which may be taken in various ways:

* Chaser

Often simply ordered as, “A shot and a beer,” or as a “chaser,” the simplest serving method is to offer the shot, generally a cheap whiskey, vodka or t3equilla, in a shot glass, and the beer in a tall glass. With this method, the spirit is downed in one, and the beer is sipped slowly afterwards.


The spirit can be poured into the beer and either mixed or left to settle. This can be in the glass, or where beers are drunk from the bottle, the spirit can be added to the bottle after some has been drunk from it.

* Bombs

Commonly termed as “bombs,” or “subs” or “depth charges,” these are drinks where the spirit is added to the beer in a shot glass or snifter. When the shot glass sinks to the bottom of the beer glass, the carbon in the beer causes the mixture to fizz. This in turn means the combined drinks have to be downed quickly. The shot glass can be left in the beer glass, or grasped with the lips and retained when the beer glass is replaced on the bar. The intention is swift inebriation, and the shot glass can pose a hazard to the teeth of the drinker.


* Irish car bomb – pint of Guinness, shot glass half Irish whiskey half Irish cream. Shot glass dropped into Guinness.
*Jimmy & Guinney – pint of Guinness, double shot of Jameson whiskey, taken by preferred method as above.
*Depth Charge – pint of Guinness, shot of half Bailey’s and half whiskey, served as a bomb and drunk quickly before the beer curdles.
*Sake bomb – glass of beer with Sake served in shot glass as a bomb.
* Poktanju/ Soju Bomb – pint of Korean beer served with a shot of soju (a Korean starch based liquor) as a bomb.
* October Crisis – Labatt 50 served with shot of Canadian Club Whiskey with a dash of maple syrup added before being dropped into the beer.
* Wh’basco – pint of beer served with shot of whiskey and a dash of Tabasco sauce both mixed directly into the beer.
*Jager Bomb – previously German beer served with a shot of Jagermeister in the glass via the bomb method, but currently more popular with the Jager bomb served into a glass of Red Bull.

 When boilermaker combinations, the shot and beer are generally of the same regional origin, and are chosen to be cheap locally.

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