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Boston Dog Friendly

Boston Dog Friendly

What better way to explore a city than with a walk with your dog? Boston, Massachusetts is known for being a walking city. Head to Boston and enjoy window shopping, outdoor cafes, concerts on the Esplanade and exploring the Freedom Trail. There is plenty to share in Boston with your dog at your side. Luckily, Boston offers a wide array of pet-friendly hotel choices. Here are some suggestions for the top pet- friendly hotels in Boston.

Boston Harbor Hotel

70 Rowes Wharf


Boston Area: Waterfront

Pet Policy/Amenities: There is a two pet policy per room. Your pet must be in a carrier, or on a leash, at all times when in public areas. The hotel reserves the right to remove your pet and bring them to a nearby kennel if they are deemed to be disturbing other guests. Pet owner must be present while the room is being cleaned. They offer pet walking and concierge service in conjunction with nearby pet establishments. And service providers. Dog beds and treats are available.

The Colonnade Hotel

120 Huntington Avenue


Boston Area: Back Bay

Pet Policy/Amenities: The hotel prefers that you not leave your pet unattended. If you must leave your pet unattended you are required to provide a phone number where you can be reached in case the pet disturbs other guests. Complimentary use of dog beds and bowls are available. Concierge services to local dog friendly establishments can be provided. Dog walks available. The hotel keeps a supply of pet food in case you run out! They also provide a great map of local dog friendly establishments. The map is available on their website.

The Fairmont Copley Plaza

138 St. James Ave.


Boston Area: Back Bay/Copley Square

Pet Policy/Amenities: Pet fee is $25/per night. No size restrictions. Pets must be leashed, or in a carrier, at all times when in public areas. Pets may not be left unattended in the room. The Fairmont Copley has a special pet Canine Ambassador. Guests of the hotel are greeted by Catie Copley. Catie is a black Labrador retriever and the hotel’s Canine Concierge. If you are unable to bring your own pet on a visit to Boston you are welcome to reserve some time with Catie to go for a walk or run.

Hotel Commonwealth

500 Commonwealth Ave


Boston Area: Kenmore Square

Pet Policy/Amenities: $125 deep cleaning fee per visit. Only one dog allowed per room. Dogs should not be left unattended at any time. The concierge will be glad to find you pet sitting services if needed. You must provide a contact number where you can be reached at all times. Dog bowls, beds and treats are provided at no charge!

Nine Zero Hotel

90 Tremont Street



Boston Area: Government Center/Downtown Boston

Pet Policy/Amenities: Very pet friendly. Welcome sign at lobby entrance welcoming your pet! Dog beds, bowls and treats provided. No size restrictions and no pet fee. Dogs may be left unattended in the room if you are confident they will be quiet. You are requested to hang a “Dog in Room” sign when your dog is in the hotel room. Concierge services are available. Located across the street from the Boston Common. Great area for dog walking! A Kimpton boutique hotel.

Onyx Hotel

155 Portland Street



Boston Area: West End – near TD Bank North

Pet Policy/Amenities: Dog beds, bowls and treats provided. No size restrictions and no pet fee. Concierge services are available. A Kimpton boutique hotel.

When traveling with your pet always telephone the actual property you will be visiting. Confirm that specific site’s pet policy and take down the name of the person you are speaking to about the reservation. Policies change rapidly and can vary greatly from hotel to hotel even within the same chain. Ask for clarification on any restrictions regarding the number of pets, breed or weight limits. If an establishment indicates a pound limit see if they can make an exception for your larger furry friend. Get the name of the person granting the exception and ask that the exception be put in writing.

Good dog travel etiquette should include the following:

1. Always clean up after your dog! Try to toilet them away from the actual hotel and definitely away from entrances. Some hotels will have designated “pet potty” areas. Pack extra pickup bags and some enzymatic cleaner in your dog’s luggage.

2. Keep your dog leashed unless there is a designated off-leash area available.

3. Do not let your dog approach hotel guests, or staff, unless specifically requested.

4. Do not allow them on hotel furniture. Bring some old sheets, or blankets, to cover furniture just in case your pet sneaks up while you are gone.

5. Use less popular entrances when coming, and going, from the hotel.

6. If possible, use the staircases instead of elevators. There is less of a chance of disturbing other guests.

7. While your dog is in the room place a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your door. This will prevent your dog unintentionally scaring housekeeping staff. Keep the sign up both when you are there with your dog and when it is left unattended.

8. Do not allow your dog to bark while on hotel grounds.

9. Ask the hotel about any specific restrictions on areas of the hotel where your dog is not allowed. Check their policy on leaving the dog unattended in the room. Follow their requests.

10. If you are allowed to leave your dog unattended in the room, offer your cell phone number to management in case they need to reach you about your dog. Normally quiet dogs may be scared in a new environment and bark when you are gone. It is your responsibility to quiet your dog as soon as possible.

11. Leave housekeeping an extra nice tip, and a note thanking them, from your pet.

12. Send management a complimentary note thanking them for being a pet friendly establishment.

More and more hotels are allowing travelers to stay with their pets. Be courteous and appreciative of this trend. Follow the rules, make sure your pet is well behaved and correct any issues immediately. A well behaved, unobtrusive, furry guest will be welcomed again! Boston is very pet friendly and a great walking city. Take advantage of the time with your dog and explore!