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Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew

I can’t think of anyone who loves Brunswick stew better than I do or anyone else in the south for that matter. I grew up with it for just about every holiday and especially Memorial day. My granddad had his own recipe which was handed down from his dad.  I have an aunt and cousin who cook it a little different. I try to carry on the family tradition with the same recipe that granddad used.  Today’s stew is a little easier  to make with all the modern conveniences.This is a shorter version of my granddad’s since his fed about 200 people. We would have a family reunion with potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, Bar-be-Que and don’t forget the banana pudding in a dishpan.  After his stew started cooking, he would be bar-b-queuing a half side of beef. If this is to much for your family then freeze some. It freezes very well.

1 6 to 7 lb. hen

1 6 lb. beef chuck or rump roast

1 6 lb ham butt or shoulder

12 cups water

6 to 8 onions chopped

about 18 potatoes peeled and cubes

6 cups fresh or frozen Lima beans

6 to 8 cups of canned tomatoes (I like home canned)

6 to 8 cups of whole kernel corn1 stick butter

juice of 3 lemons

2 bottles of catsup  (medium)

1 tbsp. Tabasco sauce

salt and pepper to taste

Bring meats to a boil and lower heat so it will simmer until tender and meat falls off the bones. Remove meat from broth.  After the meat had cooled, chop in small chunks and set aside. Skim the fat from the broth and discard. Add all the vegetables to the pot, cover and simmer until not quite tender. Return all meat to the pot and add the seasonings and lemon juice. Add the catsup  last and stir slowly. Let the stew cook slowly on low for about 20 more minutes, uncovered. Serve with biscuits, corn bread or crackers and sit back and listen to all the compliments.

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