Buy Halloween String Lights Online

Buy Halloween String Lights Online

A huge selection welcomes Halloween light shoppers on the Internet. When buying Halloween light sets online, be sure to note the length of the light cord. Most novelty lights come in lengths of 10 to 12 feet and are more expensive than plain colored lights. Since five or six strings are needed to decorate an entire 15-by-20-foot room with lights, consider using only one novelty light to line a doorway or decorate a large houseplant. Use simple orange, white, or ghostly “black light” string lights to drape throughout the rest of the room.

Following are some examples of Halloween string lighting available at online stores.

Happy Halloween Light Set

Count on for inexpensive Halloween decorations and string lights, such as the “Happy Halloween” Light Set pictured below. The six-foot strand of green-and-orange icicle lights also spells out a Halloween greeting. Users can connect multiple strings. Price: $7.97 per set. Shipping is $6.99.

Discount Halloween String Lights in Orange/Amber

At 42 feet long, the Commercial Grade Orange/Amber Mini-light Strand from (see photo below) features 100 lights on a white cord and can accommodate up to five cords end-to-end. Price: $7.99 per set. Shipping varies.

Halloween “Black Light” String Set

While not a true fluorescent black light (teeth and shoelaces won’t glow), the Black Light/Purple String Light Set from creates an eerie glow perfect for a Halloween get together. The 25 lights are spaced a foot apart on each string. Can be strung end-to-end. Price: $19.99. Shipping varies.

Unique Shotgun Shell Halloween Party Lights

Who would have thought to string 20 fired white shotgun shells on a strand of orange mini-lights to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween decoration? The answer: Rick and Kathy, the clever couple behind the store, awelldressedbullet. Their Halloween Orange Shotgun Shell Party Lights plug in at one end only and are five feet long. Indoor use only. Price: $17.50. Shipping is $9.

Martha Stewart Halloween Skeleton Lights

Connect up to three of these eerie Martha Stewart Skeleton in Coffin Light Strands per outlet for a tastefully creepy look. Available from, the 11 foot, 6 inch long strand features 10 lights. Price: $19. $5 shipping.

Using String Lights for Halloween Decorations

Halloween string light sets are versatile decorations for holiday parties or to greet trick-or-treaters. A single string of lights is usually enough to line a door threshold or window frame. Place string lights decorating the outside of a house on a timer to save energy.