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Byronbay New South Wales Australia

Byronbay New South Wales Australia

Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the coastline of the contintent of Australia. It is named after Lord Byron, the famous English poet of the eighteen hundeds by the navigator Cook. Today Bryon Bay is a mecca for surfing enthusiasts and those young people interested in folk festivals and music. Side by side with this earthy atmosphere is the luxury resort population, so for the overseas visitor there are plenty of beautiful places to stay. The temperature is great all the year round, as Bryon Bay is approaching the sub tropical belt of climate. On the most easterly point, Cape Byron, stands the Bryon Bay Lighthouse, Australia’a most powerful.This is certainly worth a visit for the views are out of this world.

The hotel here was bulit by the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ connections, Paul Hogan and his mate Strop. It is worth a visit, for not only will you get a great counter lunch or dinner, but the outlook onto the beach is great. In the bar there is a taxidermed shark of considerable size and one gets the feel that this place is on the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Speaking of sharks there is a rock out from the main surf beach, where tours can be taken to practice scuba diving. It is unmistakeable as it appears very sharp. Some time ago a group were there scuba diving, when a pod of Humpback Whales swam past. The divers were in raptures until out of ther pod came a white pointer shark and made for the group. One man’s fiance was the target, so in the ultimate act of bravey, he got in front of her and was eaten. So beware, these waters are the hunting grounds of much marine life so don’t enter their terrotory. There are many shark attacks reported in Australia but it is usually the human who has encroached into their territory.

Bryon Bay is very colorful and in the hills behind this coastal town is the settlement of Nimbin. Here there was set up a famous hippie commune back in the 1960’s and it is still going today. If the visitor is of this ilk, then Nimbin and Mullumbimby further south, are meccas you must visit, for here you will find self sufficiency and communal living at it’s best.

Today the main street of Byron Bay has many fancy restaraunts, as well as basic cafes and gift shops. There is also an excellent backpackers just near the railway line on your way into the town. Here you will find well ordered rooms, a swimming pool and modern facilities. With it’s two hotels, eight motels and the various resort accomodation, plus half a dozen camping grounds, there are plenty of facilities to stay in. This is a must for any visitor to Australia who wants to visit one of our major beach resorts in New South Wales.