Camping In Western Canada

Camping In Western Canada

The best places to go camping in Western Canada are, invariably, the types of places that you prefer. Your favourite destination type may depend upon a few factors, like your favourite type of camping, be it RV’s, trailers or tent trailers, tent camping or backwoods camping. More factors that may go into deciding your favourite Western Canadian camping destinations may include proximity to major attractions, like the West Edmonton Mall, Banff, anywhere in the Rockies, any of the major fishing rivers and streams. Other factors may include isolation from other people (not a campground), scenery or animal sightings, eco-tourism or exciting and dangerous adventures. When camping in western Canada, you can camp in the Rockies, where you can see mountain goats, bears and bald eagles, hot springs and hundreds of other natural attractions.

Camping in western Canada allows the camper the choice to camp by a river or the Pacific Ocean for a few days, then go more into the interior of British Columbia for mountainous areas full of scenic vistas, wild animals and deep forests, and always a major sporting attraction nearby. Zip lining through the mountain’s deep forests’ tops, bungee jumping off of natural gorges or off of high bridges over raging rivers, world-class white water rafting and mountain biking circuits, and endless places to go for photography, fishing, bird or other animal watching (black bears and golden eagles are infamous in the northern western Canada region), or just relaxing in a natural scenic wonderland.

In Alberta, you can camp in a dinosaur fossil rich area, where you can hunt for dinosaur bones or fossils during the day, either on your own or in guided tour groups, and camp by the fire at night, hoping for a glimpse of the Northern Lights. In western Canada, the options for the camper are almost limitless. You can camp at a KOA campground, with their family-friendly rules, rather high prices and poor camping conditions if you like your privacy.

There are also National Parks for camping in western Canada, where liquor is voodoo and loud music a ticket to expulsion from the campground. Dogs are not allowed in most National Parks, and fires are usually limited to small cooking fires, within determined time frames, with campfires late at night under the starry sky not allowed. Privately owned campgrounds allow the camper much more freedom in what they can do, the campfires raging six feet high at two in the morning, with people milling around from site to site, dogs socializing and kids running, playing and swimming.

Jasper National Park is one of the wonders of the Rockies, and a must visit for the natural splendours that make it one of the most beautiful sites in North America. Mountain set lakes, creeks full of trout and wild animals not all that afraid of their human counterparts in the wilds of the Rockies make it one of the superior choices for camping in western Canada. Amenities may be minimal at some campgrounds, so bringing as much comfort gear as possible is advisable, like chemical toilets or privacy tents (for toilet, shower, etc.), but there is always fishing nearby, so fishing gear and tackle is a must when camping in Jasper National Park, or anywhere in western Canada for that matter.

No matter what your preference, western Canada has the campsite for you. There are many sites on the web that will give you a rundown on the different campgrounds, private or government owned and controlled. Reservations and itineraries can be made using the Internet and a credit card, or you can simply grab a map and head out for your favourite type of geographic area, be it by the Pacific Ocean, in remote wilderness, atop a beautiful and remote mountain, or in an open-type family RV and camping site.

So, go ahead and try camping in western Canada, you will not be disappointed!