Canada Travel Fishing Hiking

Canada Travel Fishing Hiking

Friendly people await you no matter where you travel to in Canada, and the people who you do business with, and the tourism operators are the most informative people to find out what you should and can do while traveling this diverse nation.  Most travelers come to Canada with a set itinerary, and visit only the places that they researched on the Internet, or through travel agents, friends and/or family.  The problem with this is that many tourists will miss out on some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring locations and activities that await the informed traveler.

What to know about traveling in Canada includes what you need to get into the country, as many people are turned away from the border when they do not have the proper travel documentations.  A valid passport or embassy acquired travel permission documentation, a valid driver’s license if a rental vehicle is going to be needed, and the proper licenses for fishing, hunting, or camping within the wilds, and back-country camping and hiking.  The many museums and national or Provincial parks and monuments may have entrance fees, but they are minimal and very cost effective.

When wanting to travel in Canada, you may find a diverse mixture of cultures, but anyone who works in a position that they would have to serve you in any manner are required to speak and fully understand either the English, French or both languages.  Not having an understanding of basic English or French will make understanding and doing business with anyone a rather hard venture, if you are allowed into the country in the first place.  Anyone who may seem to pose a threat to Canadians, their culture or personal safety will not be allowed entry into the country, and not being able to converse in either national language may be the straw that breaks your entry’s chances, unless you are sponsored.

When you get to your destination, one of the things to know about traveling in Canada is that we will share the best sight seeing locations, the best places to fish, ski or do anything that your heart desires.  Many people in other countries may hide the most sacred places from tourists, but Canadians are proud of what we have to offer, and will share any knowledge we have of what you want to do with any travelers, from any countries.  

When traveling in Canada, you will find that most businesses and activities accept Canadian or American currency, and will give the day’s opening currency trade value for American currency.  If you do not have either, your hotel will either be able to transfer your cash into acceptable currency, or tell you where the closest business that will do so is located.  Visa, American Express and ATM cards are accepted at most businesses, and all businesses that have the better business bureau’s acceptance, or are associated with a government-held location, like a national monument or park.

Enjoy your stay in Canada, and please, leave the place as it was when you arrived.  Garbage is meant for garbage cans, not roadsides and parks.