Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean Cuisine

Travel destination for great summer food?  That would be places that you can travel to in the summer that have excellent cuisine.  For better or for worse, there are a lot.  Too many to list in one article, you would need a book to get everywhere listed and to the title justice.  The topic needs to be better defined, such as where can one go in the summer and enjoy excellent food with beautiful weather.  The answer to that is the Caribbean!

The Caribbean, in the summer?  Yep, you read that correctly.  The weather on most of the small islands in the Caribbean is stable and doesn’t change, it is only three degrees warmer in the summer.  Everyone knows it is warmer in the Caribbean during the winter than most of the Northern Hemisphere, but few realize it is also cooler in the summer than many places.  The waters, beaches and mountains are the same, winter or summer, and Caribbean food is always superb!

Take the Caribbean lobster, (or don’t take it, give it to me) it is always available, tender and succulent, especially when properly seasoned like they do in the Caribbean.  The restaurants in the West Indies know how to best prepare this delicacy, and it definitely tastes sweeter eating in in a beach side bar in the Caribbean!

Fruit is always fresh in the Caribbean, because it grows on the trees all through the summer as well as the winter.  Mango trees have three fruiting seasons a year, two are in the summer.  Is there a better fruit to eat fresh than a mango?  Certainly none are more juicy or run down your chin while sucking on the pits!  Passion fruit and guavas, sour sop and sugar apples, the exotic fruits of the Caribbean will temp any palate in summer or winter!

Other Caribbean foods that are available all through the summer/  Think about Jamaican Jerk Pork, Bajan Flying Fish, or Nevisian Goat Water.  They are all excellent and available June, July and August just like they are in December, and in an environment that can’t really be beat, no summer heat on the islands!

Travel destinations for great food in the summer?  There are several.  Greece is gracious and France is fine, Germans are generous, but Caribbean Cuisine is some of the finest found on the planet, and the Caribbean is a cool place to visit in the summer.  Bon aperitif!