Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy is an American model with a successful career as a photogenic pin up girl.  She still graces covers of magazines even in her mid-to-late 30s.  The busy mom still finds time to work hard and stay in shape even as she is older than most supermodels in the business.

Early life

There are conflicting sources as to Murphy’s age.  New York Magazine states she was born Aug. 11, 1975.  Yet Vogue magazine’s take on the blue-eyed beauty says Murphy was born in 1973.  What is true is that she grew up loving the water near Panama City, Fla.  She has brown-blonde hair, but it is her sparkling blue eyes and dainty lips that launched a thousand camera shutters upon Murphy’s countenance.


Murphy’s modeling began when she was discovered as a teenager.  Again, New York Magazine claims she was discovered in New York.  Vogue says this happened in Florida.  The young woman’s career took off when she was featured on the cover of the French version of Vogue for its May 1996 issue.  From there, it was nowhere else but to the sky.


Murphy has worked for several brands in addition to being a freelance model.  Companies have used Murphy’s services repeatedly.  Gucci hired the athletic young lady in 1997.  Calvin Klein was then followed by Dolce & Gabbana a year later.  Perhaps the biggest year in Murphy’s young life was in 1999.  The gorgeous bombshell re-upped with Calvin Klein, signed with Versace and was named Model of the Year by VH1/Vogue.

Steady work

Estee Lauder has employed the beauty since 2001.  Murphy has appeared on countless magazine covers and was named the sixth-highest earning model in 2007 as named by Forbes magazine.  Her net worth at the time was estimated to be $5 million.  Two years later, Murphy’s haul was around $3 million.     

Swimsuit edition

One measure of her success has been multiple showings in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  The classic beauty was captured in several locales in the mid-2000s for the popular foray into summer fun.  The image of those striking blue eyes sunk the hearts of men in 2005 when Murphy landed on the cover of SI’s magazine.   

Personal life

Murphy has one child, a daughter named Dylan.  Her official portfolio states she lives in California.  When she isn’t surfing, Murphy supports the Children’s Defense Fund in addition to several environmental groups.  Despite her seemingly advanced age, Murphy’s natural beauty shines through in each photo shoot, hence her ability to remain employed when many supermodels falter by this point in their careers.   

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