Casino Party Planning; Corporate Fundraiser

Casino Party Planning; Corporate Fundraiser

For an engaging event for adults only, consider hosting a casino party. A Las Vegas-styled casino party can be used for a fundraising event, a gala social event, or as a corporate customer appreciation event. Casino party planning is a critical aspect of successfully implementing your gambling night, and you may wish to consider hiring a professional casino party planning firm to help with the arrangements.


You will create the excitement of a Las Vegas casino, complete with professional gaming tables, skilled dealers, fun and energy. If the casino event is a fundraiser, your guests can give a donation to enter the party or to purchase chips or play money to use at the various gaming tables.

The object of the evening is for your guests to have a fabulous time and for them to not be concerned about losing money! This event is one of the few opportunities your guests will have to gamble with abandon and not be concerned about the ramifications the following morning!


There are many clever ideas you can use for casino party invitations. One online invitation merchant,, has some fabulous themed Las Vegas casino invitations. You can opt for one that features the renowned Welcome to Las Vegas sign, an oversized Queen of Diamonds playing card, a roulette wheel, a stack of poker chips or anything in between!

If you prefer to use an internet-based invitation, has a couple of kitschy Las Vegas casino-inspired evites that feature both music and animated graphics.


Planning a casino party is a more involved activity than many other types of events. It is strongly recommended to uitilize the skills of a professional casino party planning organization for this themed event. A reputable company can provide casino-grade gaming tables for event. They will also staff the tables, including roulette, blackjack, craps, poker and more, with their own professionally trained dealers. Depending upon the skill level of your guests, the dealers can simply work the tables, or they can also teach your guests how to play the particular game.

Use the internet and a Google search to find casino party planners in your local area. Most large cities have at least a couple of businesses that offer this service. In addition, the event planners can supply djs, catering, service staff, and clean up staff. Employing a casino party planning organization will simplify your planning process and let you enjoy your own event!