Change Jeans to Maternity Jeans & Make Your Own Maternity Shirts

Change Jeans to Maternity Jeans & Make Your Own Maternity Shirts

Making your own maternity jeans can save you money and time. You can make them once, keep them forever. They can be less expensive because you can purchase regular jeans second hand (even second hand maternity jeans cost more than regular jeans!), then alter them to your heart’s content.

Materials Required:

  • One pair of your favorite jeans, or jeans that you have purchased for this occasion
  • One old t-shirt (child size will work for most)
  • Small strip of elastic (cut to fit across your belly)


Cut a triangle out of the jeans just before the belt loops, including zipper, avoiding pockets. Cut the triangle to the end of the zipper.

  1. Place the t-shirt on the pants opening and cut it two thicknesses, one inch wider than the jeans hole. Leave a two inch top for the waistband elastic.
  2. Along raw edges that you just cut, sew the t-shirt. It should be loose, leaving enough material (2 inches) at the top to sew in the elastic.
  3. Place the elastic that you cut to fit across your belly on the inside of the t-shirt. Sew the ends to the solid part of the jeans and fold the t-shirt waistband down and stitch over the top.


  • Be sure you try on the pants as you go, so you know they are going to fit when they are done.
  • Don’t use tight fitting jeans, because you may swell during pregnancy.
  • If you have trouble with this project, or have a pair of stretch jeans that you would like to keep the zipper in, you could cut the seam on the side, and insert t-shirt material into that.
  • If you are not into sewing, you can purchase a Belly Band that allows your jeans to stay open without altering them at all.
  • If you are a more visual learner, there are free videos that can help you with this process.

Turn Shirts Into Maternity Wear

To turn a t-shrit into maternity wear, use a seam ripper to take out the side seams up to the rib cage on both sides. Cut a triangle of similar material for each side and stitch them in. Be sure that you measure how much material you will actually need to cover your new size. Then you can take it apart and use it when you are not pregnant anymore.

Measure a material square to go all the way around your belly, and from your ribcage to your waist. Sew to the bottom of a tube top, and hem the bottom slightly. You now have an instant maternity shirt.

Other ideas can be found at sewing sites, and you can pick and choose from easy to hard. Enjoy!