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Cheap Places To Sleep In The Uk

Cheap Places To Sleep In The Uk

England is one of the most fascinating places in the world to visit. You will find history, art, miles of walking trails, beautiful lakes and beaches to visit. Can this be done on a budget? Yes it can. It just takes a little planning and being willing to look for the road less traveled. It will be much more expensive to stay in the larger cities so plan to stay in the outskirts or in the countryside. It also is always less expensive to travel off season.

Budget accommodations can take many forms. There are youth hostels (they are not just for youth), budget hotels, B&B, camping or caravanning and self catering (renting a house or apartment). Depending on the number of people in your party, some types of accommodations will be better than others. Keep in mind that hotels are usually cheaper on the weekends and B&B are usually cheaper during the week. Using a combination can be a great budget idea.

If you are interesting in trying Youth Hostels, one organization has a very nice website. You put in your desired location and the interactive map will tell you where the hostels are located. You can book right on line. The site gives great details about what the hostel has to offer by way of rooms, bed setup, eating facilities, bathrooms etc. This is a very inexpensive way to travel. Not all the rooms are dorm style; they have family rooms and rooms with only two beds. If you are worried abut sharing a bathroom, they have rooms with private facilities. Many of them are located in historic buildings and in areas of historic interest. Members will pay less, if you are planning to use the YHA to travel the country it will be worth joining.

Budget hotels can be found along most of the major highways. You can expect a basic room with no charm but all the modern amenities; think Motel 6. This is a good option if you want to be sure that you have a TV in your room and a private bathroom. Travelodge has hotels up and down the length and breadth of England. Ibis is a good chain as well in a very modern Scandinavian style. Ibis has 50 hotels located in England. You are sure to find one wherever you travel. Both of them have websites with information and the option to book online. They do offer senior discounts for those who qualify.

If you want to camp in England, you need to take your own tent as few campgrounds have them for rent. Many campgrounds are well located for hiking and enjoying all the outdoor activities that England has to offer. From the mountains to the beaches, you will find clean and well equipped facilities. This can be a very economical way to spend the night or a week. Some campgrounds will have caravans or cabins to rent. 

Bed and breakfast is often a good value. Along with your room, you get a cooked breakfast. Many bed and breakfasts are not family friendly however; you will need to do your research if you want to stay with children. A farm B&B can be a good choice with children, especially on a working farm where they can visit the animals. Many bed and breakfasts offer senior discounts as well as length of stay discounts so be sure to ask. Bathrooms are usually private but be sure to ask if this is important to you. 

Self-catering can be one of the most budget friendly forms of accommodation. Not only will you have more room than in any other option but you will be able to cook meals. This is always more economical than eating out. There are self catering units in all sizes, locations and degrees of luxury. One luxury that this writer refuses to do without is a washer and dryer. This makes traveling lighter an option. In today’s world, where overweight baggage will result in extra charges, it is even more vital. There are many different websites to find the perfect rental unit, and the one shown above is the one personally used and found to be excellent. Prices will be up to one half cheaper in the off season. 

No matter what your budget, England will have the perfect accommodation for you. Before you start your vacation planning, visit the official website of British Tourism for lots of helpful information and links to other sites.