Children With Autism Think Differently

Children With Autism Think Differently

Many children with autism and Asperger’s have different ways of doing and processing things but there are three ways of thinking that are common among autistic children – the visual thinker, the music and math thinker, and the verbal logic thinker.

Children Who are Visual Thinkers May Like Art and Building Things

Children who are visual thinkers should be encouraged to refine their skills. If art is something that they really enjoy, think about putting them in art classes and making sure they have the needed art supplies at home.

Visual thinkers also can be taught concepts of adding and subtracting using objects that the children can feel and touch. In addition, they can learn flexibility by thinking of knew ways to draw or build something that they do repeatedly.

In visual thinkers, according to Temple Grandin in her book The Way I See It (Future Horizons Inc, 2008), “verbal responses can take longer to form, as each request has to be translated from words to pictures before it can be processed, and then the response needs to be translated from pictures into words before it is spoken.”

Children Who Think in Patterns are Music and Math Thinkers

Children who are music and math thinkers may have strong associative abilities and like finding the similarities between numbers and musical notes.

Some children who are musical thinkers may remember a piece of music after listening to it only one time and may even be able to play it. Many of these children can learn to play a musical instrument without ever being taught.

Children Who Like Lists and Numbers Can be Verbal Logic Thinkers

Some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) love statistics and memorizing lists from things like TV schedules or facts in history. Here’s a tip to parents and caregivers: use things that these children find fascinating to help them learn things that are not so interesting to them.

These children with ASD are often interested in geography, weather, and sports. Verbal logic thinkers can also be very good at learning foreign languages.

Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder face many challenges and frustrations. The San Andrea Regional Center and PACE are two organizations that can help. It is very important to know how your child thinks and why he does what he does. Once you learn what kind of thinker your child is, you will be able to find the best way to help him learn and understand the things he needs to know to become the best person he can possibly become.

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